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Johnny Aquas Caliente, the Apache tracker, finally arrives and asks an ominous question in regards to Henry Larond's whereabouts. Read More
Henry tracks down Louis on horseback. Then is later surprised by Joni, while taking a bath. Towards the end of the episode, Henry will share some of his personal views on Mormons with Mary; with Ryan Running Dog (the Narrator) as always, injecting some of his unwanted thoughts as well. Read More
War, Power, Greed, Jihad, Inquisition, Crusades and Extremists, all words we associate with religion. Shamans, priests, prophets and magicians, servants of the gods, mediums of power, or frauds? Who built the great ziggurats which stand on opposite sides of our world, in Iran and Central America? Did the ancients worship… Read More

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June 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

An alternative view upon what would happen if the existence of God was proven to be real. Read More
Ryan meets Michael Bingaman at driver’s education and falls in love, Ethan, Tim and Mayor Sarandon go to their “poon doggle” on the Cayman Islands and Kimberly does a favor for Ellen to keep her quiet about her embezzling HOA funds Read More
Carlos leaves Europe to try to find a new life in America. Do not read if you are easily offended. Credit for the song "Klan Kookout" goes to Bo Burnham. Youtube him. Read More
This is an animated short that I wrote about my fish (in order to escape having to write a paper on Run Lola Run). It stars Tim Burton, Slave, Maynard (yes THAT one), James (the one with a big dick), the black stripes, and some mormons. Read More
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