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Born and soon orphaned in 18th Century America, brilliant young inventor Thomas Smith discovered the secrets of utilizing electromagnetic fields for the production of limitless energy. When he tried to use his knowledge to help America gain independence from the tyrannical grip of the British Empire, three of his five… Read More
Creatures from the land of dreams, invading the land of the living. Read More

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November 29, 2008

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Commentary on where we go when we sleep, what we dream, what we see and where we are. Posturing the argument that when sleeping we are in another world or within another plane. Non-physical, non-human and free. Read More
Well, this is an epistle to Morpheus, one of the Oneiroi, or one of the sons of Hypnos. Morpheus was the most powerful of them. Morpheus shapes dreams over all and the human figures in them, while Phobetor shapes animal figures, and Phantasos shapes inanimate objects. They are supposed to… Read More
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