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All it takes is a simple sketch in a journal and a life is easily taken. Mortimer, however, finds value in human life, but he doesn't understand why. Initially, his curiosities in their daily routine serves as an odd look into the complexity of his character--but his connection and understanding… Read More
An Evaluator is a being who determines when somebody dies, thus an Evaluator. While most of the Evaluators kill as it is required for their job, one Evaluator--labeled as 'special'--by the name of Mortimer contains a keen interest in the humans. Follow Mortimer as he observes the humans and becomes… Read More
Welcome to Pleasantview, a seemingly happy suburb filled with not so happy secrets. Learn the horrifying history of this town from the perspective of its many denizens, from the shady Goth dynasty to the struggles of the Broke family and the tragedy of the Pleasant household. Watch their stories and… Read More
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