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God says to trust in Him, and walk in His ways. If you stumble, He knows why, and will forgive you. My poem. Read More
It is time for us to sort ourselves out with this Bible business. Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

August 30, 2018

H and I became friends while I was in a bookshop. She is separated from her husband. We talked a lot about my research on the Israelite exodus. In this book, she asks quite a lot of questions, and I had to know the answers in order to answer her… Read More
This article compares the current archaeological evidence for the Exodus in Ancient Egypt with the established historical evidence for the same timescale during the reign of Ramesses II. Read More
God instructed me to create poetry from heroes in the Bible. Read More
Today people imagine that there is no after life and that they will not be resurrected and that they will not be subject to any form of accountability or punishment. They are leading lives as they think is fit without realizing that the Creator created mankind for the purpose of… Read More
This is the true story about History, I apologize. I am Not the best writer and do not have time to add or check everything. I do my best with the time i have. I know way more then i say, I honestly wish i could. tell every detail but… Read More
A view on the poetry from the online age; irony in its highest Read More
I composed this poem as a short summary of my views on the current situation in the early 21st century on the Israel/Palestine reformation since the mid 1900's. As many of you are aware this small land in the Arabian Peninsula has been disputed over for many years and still… Read More
A study of biblical records pertaining to history and how it has affected my life. Read More
In these modern times full of fitna we take celebrities instead of prophets as our role models Read More
Basin Transmission Repair is committed to helping consumers save money. With free computer vehicle inspections, towing services over Columbia Basin and a complimentary shuttle when dropping off and picking up cars, this service makes it far less stressful for people to deal with transmission issues. Read More
Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem I wrote this poem about the struggles that Muslims are going through and how we in the West should be using the freedom we have within nations which enslave our brothers and sisters, in order to protest and even vote against parties who might go to war… Read More
How we can cope with change in our live, so that we can move forward with peace. Read More
... hour after hour... Read More

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The Qur'an teaches that the person who steals should have his or her hand cut off. This cutting off of the hand serves as a retribution and punishment from Allah. This punishment was ordered by Allah and was practiced by the Prophet. Can such a form of punishment for theft… Read More
A private detective discovers a plot brewing in an underground society of spies. As friends and witnesses die around him, he must uncover the truth before he joins them in silence. Read More

Book / Memoir

March 12, 2012

When it began there was Jonah, reaching for Yune When it ended there was Moses, standing on the beginning of the new country he had made. And in between there was love, hate and revolution Read More
This is the story of a spirit born within question.The spirit became flesh to seek the answer.Is mankind kind victim of the outside or victim of itself from within. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 01, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Humor, rhymes, ancient egyptians - what more could anyone ask? Read More

Miscellaneous / Jokes

December 11, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a few Christian jokes that I hope makes you smile and laugh! :) Read More
Mankind has only two choices after science and technology renders the species utterly obsolete and incapable of survival in the future. One choice compels humanity to submit body and soul to a sinister supernatural civilisation, whilst the other impels mankind to submit to a utopian bioengineering paradigm. The first choice… Read More
A little black sheep causes Moses, exiled in the Land of Midian, all kinds of trouble by repeatedly wandering off and getting lost. Kevis Batuach (Safe Sheep) acts as a foil--obeying all rules and permanently attached to the teat of home. But when Moses finds out where Katon is going,… Read More
Lucifer and God make a wager concerning the merits of humanity while the apprentice advances the feminist cause in Old Testament chronology. Narrated by Lucifer. Read More
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