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a lack of compassion for kindness, it what's driving me mindless. even at a steady state of mind, I'm finding it hard to enjoy this life. a lack of understanding for privacy is why I'm keeping me to myself and i. even late at night, staying at a motel room… Read More
Phoenix, Arizona, 1961. Norman Bates is in the psychiatric ward for several murders the previous year. When Martin Lowell takes over the place, a series of new murders rocks the city, as the horror continues. Read More
a narrative poem about a cheating motel Read More
Someone is cutting throats all over the city, but the blood isn't flowing as it should. What could the matter be within this juicy situation? Read More
As the live on-site manager of an extended stay Mom & Pop motel, I was inspired to write this while researching rules & policies. My motel went from horror to home...proof that change is possible. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This paper examines the five criteria for dissociative identity disorder in relation to Norman Bates. Strength and weakness are included, along with barriers to treatment. Examples from Norman’s life will assist the reader in understanding why his behavior is abnormal. Read More
Dulzura está tirada en un motel. Su amante la ha dejado y ella se encuentra sin dinero. No sabe que hacer.Podría llamar a su hermano. Tendría que hacerlo. Read More

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Welcome to Motel Gehenna, make your decent into the dark motel and uncover the hopelessness that accompanies 'Gehenna' Read More
A Man travels through the country and stays at Motel, like every other Motel he stays the night and will enjoy the Motel's feature continental breakfast and company. Read More
This is the second last Book in the continuing Saga of the Happy traveller and his Sexy Companion Read More
I couldn’t believe my Ears when Sue said “What would you say if I told you that I will drive you to New Orleans?” She said it would be Fun. “Yeah”, I thought nearly 2000miles on the road with Sue. It sounded like it could be a real adventure with… Read More

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September 27, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

It was late and we were tired Read More

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This is a reflection my experience at the Surfside Motel. Read More
A preschool girl, Lacey, and her parents take a road trip and have an unexpected stop in a small town. Read More
A man commits a crime to provide for his wife after losing his job. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A Pantoun repeats certain lines in successive stanzas: 1st stanza-ABCD 2nd stanza-BEDF so the second and fourth lines in the first stanza become the first and third in the second, and so forth. 3rd-EGFH 4th-GIHJ or GAHC. Confusing but there it is. Read More
Count your blessings, love your life, do what makes you happy. NOTE: The Thunderbird Motel pictured is the one in Missoula Montana. Read More
This short story is about a man that wakes up in a hotel room with a mysterious woman. He has little memory of what happened the night before, only his bloodshot eyes to tell the story. Read More
Greer falls for Jack but he's what's known as 'the caretaker' in his dysfunctional family. The newly qualified pharmacist tries to figure out how to grab Jack, who appears to be as normally adjusted as she is, and remove him from his scary family. If Jack doesn't agree to this… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What my christmases are like being a traveler and an alcoholic. Read More
The conflict between death and life. ~I was listening to Godsmack - I Am while writing this. This is solely my interpretation of the song, reading or listening to the lyrics may help some understand, but then again it may be even more confusing.~ Comments are greatly appreciated. Read More
Wandering in the desert, you come upon a roadsign that says "Bakersfield 8" and you have to wonder if you know who you really are. Read More
I got the motel blues Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man is lost on the road and spends a night at a motel called "Night Motel". Read More

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Sandra plays the part of a good babysitter, playing dollies and dress up and catering to her little cousin’s every whim. But Sandra has a secret! Her cousin lends her strength, but is it enough to help her deal with her own little mistress? Read More
A MAN MURDERS SOMEONE SIMULARE TO MY OTHER SORT STORY HANGOVER. Please leave some comments and feedback =) Read More

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taken from my book, "More Than A Check Mark" Read More

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A short story about a brother and a sister on their way from colledge. Read More
A motel in the middle of nowhere next to an old victorian style house and a hill. Strange things start to occur. (Note: This story is fiction and therefore not historically or geographically accurate.) Read More

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March 11, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

There is just one chapter at the moment, I'm not sure I can promise more just yet. I'm just playing with idea and thought I'd get some opinions on it, so let me know what you think. (I wrote this at 4am... excuse any mistakes! :) Read More
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