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Goal is blurred, path unclear Engulfed by a dark, black hue Know not how to swim, how to steer Can’t cope alone, Mom, where are you? Read More

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Two cases where a mother's connection to her offspring is shown to be just as strong as a humans. Cover image: Oliver Cox on Unsplash. Read More

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remembering my mother Read More

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This is a Diary Of a Reborn Baby Boy (doll) Mother, and His Name Is, Benjamin Matthew. Read More

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In this captivating, humorous memoir, a son rises from abject poverty with a single parent Hispanic mother to become a lawyer. But gnawing at him throughout his life "like a simmering pot of water ready to boil" is not knowing his father. Finding Joe Adams is a biography that reads… Read More

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May 18, 2020

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An inscription found in an old book. From an unknown mother to a son. The inscription dated December, 1908, was discovered in a purchase at a used book sale, The poem was written in 2017. Read More

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The night my mother passed away it seemed my world had come to an end. It took a long time to come to terms with the new reality. This poem briefly and rather inadequately tries to give a shape to the grief I felt. Read More
Dedicated to Agnes Marie Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013. Read More

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May 09, 2020

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A poem for my beloved Mom on this Mother's Day Read More
This Devotional contains 365 power-filled quotes to unleash the power vested upon a Woman of Virtue. It provides a unique and simplified illustration of an amazing woman who opts to become part of the solution. These quotes are written for a purpose driven visionary, who walks in victory. They are… Read More
A woman reflects upon the strained relationship with her mother Read More
a 30-year-old man is about to be reunited with his biological mother that was forced to give up for adoption by her strict parents. Read More
There's no greater than the love of being a mother.. Read More

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April 01, 2020

Marriage-- everyone gets in this deep ditch and full life tries to swim and swim. Few of us change the swim to fly and few try to climb... This story could resemble few of us completely, could resemble few parts of this story.. Marriage is like a muddy paddle if… Read More
The life lessons a boy forced to transform into a man by war... Read More

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Richard was always maltreated and abused by the woman he called his mother. As he grew older,he began to question if Akosua was really his mother. Is there any secret behind his mother's maltreatment. Find out in "MOTHER'S WRATH " Read More
A tale of loss and hope (303 words) Read More
A mother painting a gift for her daughter. Read More
Jane was just one of those girls who like to play in the mud. Read More

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Sometimes the words we say do not express what we truly feel, and conversely, the words we say have the ability to portray our feelings exactly, but our feelings are the ones incapable of self-expression. Apologies are like that, and sometimes they are like this. Read More
Hello. This is a poem from my collection of work which can be found in my other bookie release: "Natures of Pain". I hope you can share some thoughts on it and look at my other work too. Read More
This is an Anthology of one hundred poems about a wonderful Mother. From My Mothers Classroom: A Badge of Honour for a Remarkable Woman, comprises carefully crafted and thought-provoking poems, sonnets and eulogies in the two sections. The first section signifies words of wisdom from a loving mother to her… Read More

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This story might be listed under, "Marriage advice for young ladies", but that category didn't come up and I really didn't think it was exactly right anyway. So I wrote a short story about a Dad's advise and let it go at that. Read More

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January 26, 2020

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My mother, who died on October 2, 2019, would have been 83 today. Read More
This is a short story about Father Time and Mother Time discussing finishing up 2019 and starting 2020. Read More

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