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I saw the face and the smile on an old tattered photograph I found stored away. Forgotten memories in abandoned places. One moment forever frozen on a photograph, bringing back the voice, the look, the scent, the feel, and the emotion of having shared a life that still resides inside… Read More
This is a poem that tries to express how one feels when realized that one was rude to someone, especially his/her mother. Read More
I have so many memories of my life and of everyone that helped to guide me, mold me, nurture me and loved me. Moments and flashes of faces and voices that have withstood the years and the tears and the fears of growing old. Read More
How I long to feel the nothingness of being. How I long to hear the whisper of your voice and feel the warmth of your embrace. I imagine and I recall, and at times I can even feel and hear and see the very presence of your being. Read More

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Flash Fiction, 300 words. One child's curiosity leads to a painful story. Read More
dead mom's words show up live on Mother's Day Read More
On behalf of every person in this world. Read my poem and never forget the sacrifices she made for us. Read More
Dialogue only, 499 words. A mother receives an unexpected phone call during the night, which proves life-changing through the words of her lost child. Read More
The life of a little girl, Umutoni. Read More

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I learned to read before I was in school thanks to my mother. This Tanka is from my perspective when I learned to read my first fairy tale. Read More
In a world where parents have to pass mandated tests before they can take care of their children, pregnant Lisa struggles to fulfill the requirements of the government. Read More

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The HAPPIEST day of his life may be the SADDEST day of hers. Read More

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I'm afraid of your love Keeping me on my knees stronger than any man's belief Read More

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What, in my opinion, is strength? My family experiences and environment shape my thoughts on what strength really means to me personally. The strength of my mother has influenced me in ways that I am starting to understand more as time goes on. Read More
Just something that I wrote for my dear mother years back when I first went away from her. Seven years later, missing her still as much when she is away. Read More
I wrote this in an existential crisis, worrying about the future, broke down into tears several times when I wrote it, when I worked on it and when I sang it. Read More

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A poem about an old man on a snowy winter night who needs help and sees a candle in a window. Read More
Disappointment is a part and parcel of our lives and this poem is about this emotion which has made huge in roads in some lives, just like mine. Read More
A poem dedicated to the women who gave birth to us and did whatever they could to see us happy and loved. Read More

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Cover image: Fabian Kuhne on Unsplash. Read More

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September 25, 2020

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When a child gets lost during divorce. When you turn to numb yourself and discover your child does as well. When they finally make it home. The cement bench is cold. The engagement warms the heart. Read More

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This is a poem attempting to travel with the reader in the corners of the world, but only insofar as the world is related to us I was listening to while writing, so you might also enjoy the experience. Read More

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It's never a good idea to enter the woods at night. Read More
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