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A poem about the struggle of being a creative person, trying to stay motivated in a world that only wants to grind people down. Read More
it about life experiences what i have witness the different lifestyles Read More
-A Poetic Story About Today's Reality- Read More
In this book, "The Strenght of Living" we shall be looking into the challenges of life, the pains it brings and the joy we get at the end only if we persevered and stay strong throughout the turbulence. Read More
'The Connect' is my book to my readers. It is my most selfless book and most personal book I've ever written. A book full of many different scenarios that happen in our lives complimented with a touch of my own personal experiences to ensure that the reader can connect with… Read More
Dealing with difficult moments during life. Read More
A while back, namely 5 years ago, I wrote this piece because I was experiencing a monotonous depressing routine day in and day out so I had to put my feelings and emotions onto paper. Read More
Based on what I experienced a couple of years back when I was suffering from severe insomnia, so I wrote this poem on how it felt and what I was going through. Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 04, 2020

Wrote this piece a couple of years back when I was at a downwards turn in my life and I felt I could doing nothing about anything. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 11, 2020

This is a motivational poem targeted to the children. Read More

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Here is my take on being abnormal and how one can accept their own self. Read More

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One of the secret ingredients of Success Read More
A two liner you would want to read for some motivation in your life! Short and Sweet and worth your time! Read More
Stability - a gift or illusion? Read More
What can you do when you can't do anything? Read More
Why is it important to write your story and not follow someone else's? Here is my point Read More
This goes to all the writers who lost their will to write and create art. Read More
A short story about A ex lover not getting the piano moving on. He goes through extreme measures to get her attention but no luck. She just not into him anymore. Read More
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