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Amethyst Morris is a teenage celebrity that has been several movies. But after making several mistakes, her parents have decided they have had enough; they are moving to Iowa so that she can experience a normal teenage life. But nothing about Amethyst will ever be normal. But when some Christians… Read More
Brooklyn may be a famous movie star but she still has problems like everyone else. When the director of her movie realizes what she is doing, he encourages her to find Jesus as the answer to her problems. But before she can do that, she gets admitted to the psychiatric… Read More
Fiona Vega may be a teenage movie star, but her parents still expect her to get an education. That is why they are moving her halfway across the country to attend high school. Once there, the only people that treat her normally are a group of Christian girls. Read More
Noelle has been a famous movie star since she was young. She feels that she is missing out on something though and wishes she could be a normal person. That is how she finds herself walking into church on a Sunday morning. What is God wanting from her? Read More
Fifteen year old, Eugene Goldsmith finally meets his hero, action movie star, Jean Carlo. Eugene can barely contain his excitement until he actually meets his hero, who turns out to be a self-obsessed douchebag. But the two will have to work together, as the mob comes after Jean Carlo due… Read More

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July 15, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

She’s 22 years old he’s 28. she's a part time student and flight attendant and he's a big time movie star. So the chance of them getting together is very slim yet possible. She’s to naïve to see the truth behind their relationship even though it’s right in front of… Read More
Rain Amani is having a hard time focusing on all the things changing around her. She lives in a small closely knit town and has never been anywere but there. But when and awfull fire destroes Rain's house and puts her family to rest everthing starts to change. She is… Read More
How would fate appear between a movie star and a delightful girl? I Think I Love You is a Romantic Comedy/Drama that gives a fresh air on your reading moments. Read how these two people who really hates each other helps each other to be happy. Suddenly, they didn't notice… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 30, 2008

A tugs-at-the-heartsrings sort of poem. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

FINISHED - Hestia Smith is entering her final year of high school, where she must face the day-to-day boredom that comes with attending a small high school. She has a break in the monotony only when she is goofing around with her best friends. Together they count down the days… Read More
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