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Those... those red... eyes... Red. A name that Gold had heard numerous times while on his journey through Johto and Kanto. Gold barely knew anything about this mysterious boy called 'Red', except for the fact that he was a Pokemon Master and had disbanded Team Rocket. Out of the blue,… Read More
Mt Kailash, a beautiful and religious mount for many religions. I hope you like the chapter. Read More
It is 1952 and a race begins between Jack and Stalin's agents to locate Noah's Ark first. Stalin wants to find it to destroy it. The Nestorians have been protecting the Ark for centuries and are well prepared to meet any threat. Read More
This is another poem that i wrote in school. Its about people talking the talk. They best be ready to walk the walk. Read More

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This poem is something i wrote in school. I turned part of it in to my teacher but the other part i kept. It is a list of the things we have too much of and too little in the world. Read More

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Gold is a trainer from New Bark Town, with the hopes and dreams of becoming the Johto League Champion. Red is the Kanto Region champion who now stands on Mt. Silver, waiting for only the strongest challengers to discover him. Read More

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Sumission to Dubsteps Music Challenge. Read More
each year's first snowfalls on Mt. Shasta always inspire awe and joy Read More

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