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August 03, 2015

Isle and Melisandre Revland- Two Minds in One Body. After losing the security of their husband, the multiple personalities must live with his sister, Irene Lancer- a cruel and spiteful woman. Since Isle Revland is the more dominant persona, she tries to protect herself and others from Melisandre, the more… Read More
There's a good amount of soul-spilling and some strong language here. I don't usually write like this but I feel like it was a necessary outlet. Anyway it's not terribly graphic, just interested in what other people might walk away from it with. Read More
Who are you and who is me? Breif inspiration from a Finger Eleven song. Read More
White struggles with Multiple Personality Disorder, better known as MPD. His other half, dubbed Devil, is a homicidal maniac that loves to make White's life hell in any way possible. He really puts them in hot water when he decides to go on a murder spree in a small town.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Tommy Johnson is living a nightmare. His parents were killed before his eyes, his brother is missing, and he's next on the list. Can Tommy figure out what's going on and find his brother, or will he follow his parents to the afterlife. Read More
This is my recollection of what happened on that most infamous of days back in high school. Prom is something that most people dread. Girls have it completely planned out, dress paid for and plans made by early thier freshman year of middle school, while guys kind of stumble across… Read More
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