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August 15, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

College-age Kevin Covali and his family have lived on his uncle's estate for the last year instead of in the city. When he and his sister Allie are attacked on the road home from school, he finds out that there is more to his family than he ever suspected. Read More
After nearly losing her friend and partner in a exploration accident, Monica is ordered to take some much needed personal time. Given the opportunity to visit her brothers, whom she left behind three years earlier, she returns to her own world. As excited as she is by the prospect of… Read More
Monica Snyder is studying wildlife in other worlds. Her work causes her to neglect her duties to the Na'Til, the people who created the worlds she is exploring. Distracted by a mysterious longing she cannot place, Monica dives into her chosen activity, never considering that a distraction like this could… Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 08, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Prequel to The Thrall Wars series ~ Cowritten with Anna Taboska ~ "I have set before you life and death blessing and cursing therefore choose life." ~ Bible Read More
Virgina Messer comes home and all she wants to do is sun bathe after fine tuning her wrestling skills. Life gets in the way Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Earth is burning. Fireflies - alien bugs that set their victims ablaze before devouring them - are on the march. The last stronghold of humanity is Melbourne, Australia. But the city is doomed. The only hope is to launch a handful of pilots in 'pods', craft that can escape into… Read More
What would happen if dreams could come true? The Fairy Godfather's business is all about granting wishes. However, he can't escape the truth and those who uphold it. Will reality or fantasy prevail? Who will get caught in the crossfire? Loosely inspired by Cinderella. Read More
Will we ever discover something beyond our universe? Will we even discover all of the secrets that lie beyond our planet? Probably not if this little critter was hiding under our noses... Read More
Pilot Veronica Williams returns to the Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station with her client, Kevin, where they meet up with her boyfriend who introduces them to a couple of trans-dimensional explorers from our time. Read More
Elliot, Tesla, Riley and Lucio were exhausted. They'd never had such a hard time getting the hunters and hellspawn off their tails. After an unfortunate attack, they find themselves in a desert dimension. Luckily, they meet someone who is more han willing to help them out in the fourth installment… Read More
Elliot, Tesla and Riley find themselves in a more...colorful dimension. They've gotten comfortable with the lack of hunter attacks and wander into a village for a pit-stop. They find that they have nothing to trade with for supplies and they stand out. Despite these facts, they decide to make camp… Read More
The second short story in the Dimension Jumpers Series: Elliot, Riley, Buck and Spyke have found themselves in what can only be described as Steampunk Central. While wandering the city of bronze gears, they stumble upon two inventors, who offer them some hospitality. How could they possibly say no? Read More
the first story of the adventures of the dimension jumpers. meet riley and her partner, buck. the pair have been on their own for a while. riley has come to accept it as one of the few things a jumper has to deal with, but could there be more for… Read More
lady tuna discovers that she is the puta infinita. a powerful woman that can control their entire multiverse. Read More
Mostly stories about Caroline & Rai, but some are just Caroline. She's a witch of the Harry Potter sort, who I've introduced to the SS continuity. Rai is (c) his player, as are other house/hotel characters. Also, I am not that great a making her sound British, but I try.… Read More
-To the 18 year old me who thought the tunnel would never end- The first love. The first break. It can change you or break you. But what if you could stop it from breaking you? What if you could stop it from even happening? When 18 year old heart… Read More
Doorway to a multiverse Read More
Feelings from within... an eternal fight for control. Who will win at the end? Read More
Tracey Valdez has been trapped in a strange, fantasy world since he was a child. As he has grown older, he has grown accustomed to his new life away from home. But when an unprecedented entity threatens to take everything he loves, Tracey must embark on an epic journey… Read More
One Man an opportunity does he take it or not Read More

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After being involved in an well-known scandal, Edith White runs out of Newbury to start a new life in New Scotland. However, the secrets from her past will never leave her. She will have to hide them and, at the same time, fight to improve her future and ammend errors… Read More
richard parker, a 32 year old man who still lives with his mother is bored, and thus decided to create his own universe. it just so happens that the one he currently lives in has strict coffee regulations. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jenson Thorne had always been a vivid dreamer, but after an unusual encounter with a stranger who claims to have been in a dream with him, Jenson discovers that his dreams are not always a simple creation of his brain. In his search for answers, he meets a physicist named… Read More
John Davis is your average suicidal office drone who gets kidnapped and forced to go on an epic adventure through a series of alternate realities. Read More
A man trying to come to terms with the death of his only child and break-up of his marriage looks to the great unanswered mysteries of science in a search for answers. Read More
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