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To some, this story will mean something, to others, maybe not so much. But if it makes just one person say, {"Hmm?"}, then it did what it was supposed to do. --- This story is loosely based on a real life occurrence involving an artist and the painting he produced. Read More
Thru the mirror, is about a married couple, who are not what they seem. On the outside, they appear like any other average married couple. But they are hiding a deep dark secrete, of their true age. Stealing un-lived years, keeping themselves looking young. Their mural has something to do… Read More
Mandy was desperate to keep her man, desperate to prove to Karl that his recent incarceration hadn’t changed her feelings towards him or her commitment to him. To accomplish her goals, Mandy was not above lying…even to Karl. Read More
Follow Thomas Grey and his Mural. Read it, it'll only take 5 minutes of your life. Whether those five minutes were worth it will be up to you. Read More
This piece i wrote in my AP English class three weeks ago, it was nominated to be the best out of the class (and won since everyone was all D: woah...) but i don't mean to brag or anything :] So the assignment was to look at this mural outside… Read More
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