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This is a story about secrets and conspiracy. It begins of what is in the attic and the horrors that come through the open door that will never be closed again. Read More

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Detective Daniel Kane is the loose cannon of the Erol city police department, bogged down by the stress of a crime ridden city and haunted by the brutal murder of a loved one, his mental health is already on a knife edge, However when a killer rises with a… Read More
A Willow and Birch novel. Read More
You think your parents are bad? Treat you terribly? Well, obviously you've never met Kayla Genevieve. Follow her life as she watches her mother die and shares secrets she promised to never spill to the only boy who seems to notice the hidden sadness behind the smile. Welcome to… Read More
After the disappearance of his wife and daughter ten years to the date, the retired detective is handed the one thing he's been searching for, the location of Reginald Tavish the man who stole his family from him. Read More
What would you do to cover up your past? Read More

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Once upon a time, murderers weren't always caught, because, in fact, they were good. But can Detective Remy, and Chief Trent catch the crook, in time for Maren to get a new life? Read More
This is my New and hopefully improved version of "Moving On UP! Unfortunate Events". You will continue to see the same mystery and murder in the life of Danielle Louise Backworth and the life of her family. I am going to continue to script it and i have changed to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“As I drifted off to sleep my last conscience thought of the day was my decision to visit Frank in the morning…because a journey of a thousand miles, I thought to myself, started with his deceitful disgusting face.” Read More
The strange tale of the severed continues . . . Read More
Multiple Submissions has many variations. This is an unedited version I wrote for NANOWRIMO years ago, where word count, not quality of writing. It is not finished, but I needed a place to store it, since the other novels-in-progress, my letters to the editor, my multiple files for other… Read More
Steve & Cindy have been best friends for 10 years. Just as Steve finally worked up the courage to ask Cindy to marry him. A rich man named William Turner mysteriously appears out of nowhere & tells her, he has admired her from afar. Cindy is flattered by this… Read More
A goofy horror story i I had written some time back. Read More
A slightly disturbed young man who preferably goes without being named, appears to be in a severely fragile, degraded, and unpredictable state of mental health. Do you look for meaning in the babbling of a madman, Or in contrast take nothing they say seriously as once stated to be… Read More

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June 08, 2018

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From living under floor boards as a innocent lonely child to training in a cave as a murderous princess. Follow her adventure. Her change and her lovely twist with two boys and human kind. Being hated never looked so good. (Xd still bad at descriptions… Read More
The end is upon us. The truth that was lost when the lies of the father of Jesus is clearly applied. Read More
It's the new Sheriff's first dead body and his know-it-all sister-in-law will not shut up about it. What really happened poor Mrs. Cavendish? And if it was murder, who else is in danger? Read More
Ronnie Wigglesworth adopts the name COSMO and embarks on a life of servicing elderly women in Brighton England just prior to WW1. He meets Alana under rather humorous circumstances. They marry and suddenly everything is turned upside down when one of his " clients" is murdered. Read More

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Axeon is a newly created God sent to Earth to find his own way. It doesn't take long for this new God to gain some friends and even some followers as he tries his best to build his own faith and learn about humanity. His adventure truly begins when… Read More
It might be a "Who Done It", or a guessing game. It is anyone's guess. Read More
taken from my book, "Flavortism" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about the mind. How dangerous are our secrets and what happens when something of power takes over consciousness? Read More
Mr. Moore was a kind, and cheery chap, always smiling. Until one day, he was found dead, dead as dirt. Never again would he shine his kindness on his people. When Jack starts his investigations, he dives into a world of danger! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

How did my life come to this? Where a man laid dead on my favorite animal-print rug. Read More
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