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Not a story for the timid, or perhaps one may become less timid by reading it. Read More
parents who lack parenting skills, neglect, self absorbed. homicide , criminal consequences. Read More
Fuck parents, why can't they let you live? Read More
I walk around and no matter where I go he follows. He likes to whisper in my ear telling me who to kill. Read More

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Cryptic clues to the murder of lawyer Carl Tucker begin to emerge along with another murder, the discovery of a dead body, and a shocking cliffhanger! Read More
When the life of a little girl becomes accustomed to blinding darkness that drowns her from within and surrounds her like the fortified wall of Jericho. Can there be a miracle that will tear down the high walls of evil and darkness? Can her despair ever find any solace? Read More
Who killed Emily Pearson and why? Join me as I tell you the story of Emily's demise and let us see if you can figure it out before the end of the story. I don't think you will. Read More
In this finale of 'The Gardener' and 'The Detective', the mystery of a hideous crime appears to have an ending... Read More

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This story contains a graphic depiction of a deed that some readers may find upsetting or alarming. The story is an attempt to explain the motivation of the mass murderer and what the meaning of “suicide by cop” might be. In no way is it intended to glorify, condone or… Read More
This is a fictional poem. In real life, people should never commit murder. Read More
In this sequel to 'The Gardener', a police detective tries to solve a gruesome murder. Read More

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Continuation of Buddha with a Bullet Ø Read More
WEB OF TRAITORS a list so long, it intertwines wretched tangled backstabbing true stories we survived. Read More
WEB OF MURDERS crosses the line in cold blood, for Mother Mary's friends and foes in Chicago. Read More

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A former sniper and assassin takes in a mysterious young ward. Read More
This book is full of mystery, murder, identity-finding, and a touch of romance. Read More
WEB OF OUTCASTS MOTHER & I…., THERE WE ARE! Strolling on our bare feet, up on our tippy-toes, on the hot cooled bald, bar of steel rods that make up our Slag Valley Railroad Tracks, on the far SouthSide of Chicago, Illinois, it’s smallest neighborhood, 3 block radius, not counting… Read More
A short story, a little over 1,000 words, written as a short story entry for Reedsy. This short story covers the story of Mr. William Croswell, who is writing a future letter to himself about his most awful sins, yet he has not form of remorse or regret. It's clear… Read More
Welcome to the sticks... watch your back. Read More
The Dark Thoughts of Mr Dunne (When Horror Meets Rap!) Read More
Mr. and Mrs. Parker have a seemingly normal marriage, on the surface. But when Mrs. Parker is shot dead in her own home, whilst cooking dinner for her husband, that might not be the case. Who's the hooded figure behind her death and could her husband have had something to… Read More

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Jackie dates the popular boy in school.She figure outs he's just using her to be well known.She breaks up with Henry and try to focus on her friends,studies and family.But something goes wrong........ Read More

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Inspired by a true crime event, Bellflower follows the course of a murder investigation in suburban Utah after the unexplained disappearance of a wife and mother — Tandy Kimball Bellflower. The woman is clearly gone from her home. Her children are upset. Her husband has a thin, hard-to-believe alibi. But… Read More
Legendary Oriental detective grapples with heir to ping-pong ball fortunes, in a Manhattan hotel on an ink-black night. Read More
ZOMBIE is inundated with acts of betrayal and murder by a selfish uncaring president of the highest order. The question is will someone find a way to put a stop to his cold-hearted dastardly deeds. Read More
A tree that holds the soul of a small child captive. A woman in search of justice. Read More

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A powerful MLA, Siddharth Raj's daughter dies under a mysterious circumstance. DCP Ashwath Kumar tries his best to find the killer, but ends up hitting the dead end every time. Will he find the killer? Will he be able to catch the killer? Read More
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