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<p> glance into an alternate past as the story unfolds into a not so typcial murder mystery in victorian england </p> Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Who is Rolen Damascus? That is what people have been asking for years now. With the help of an individual who has asked to remain anonymous, this old Inquisitors tale can now be told. Much like the other Inquisitors of his time, this man had set out to rid the&#8230; Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Philippa Olikara isn't interested in other people and their problems, but when her neighbor is murdered and an innocent man is blamed, she can't help getting sucked in. Read More
Priyanka Singh is murdered at her house.Who killed her?See how the police solve this case. Read More
A murder mystery involving interesting characters in a peculiar setting with unusual murder weapons and thought-provoking twists and turns. Read More

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The House of Ghosts House

A teenaged runaway with a supernatural gift of perception must solve a murder to save his love. Read More
Massive number of people have gone missing. Their last trace was found in an abandon hospital typically known as The Haunted hopsital. Dead bodies were found but wait a minute in all those bodies the heart was missing. Where is the heart? None witness and none evidence was found. Police&#8230; Read More
a tale of two mass murders. they are clever with their tracks and leave behind no trace. but after stealing a necklace, the cops quickly discover their trail. will these killers be caught? or will the world fall under their blades? Read More
The story involves the discovery of a woman's body found floating in the River Ardas, in Northern Greece. Believed to be of Middle-Eastern origin, she is buried in a communal grave along with other Islamic victims of drowning and promptly forgotten. When it is later revealed that she is actually&#8230; Read More
-“In the Spring of 1949 Hollywood detective Jeff Kelly is knocked out in the parking lot of one of his local watering holes. Lila Lamont, the beautiful blonde actress he was escorting to her car, is abducted and killed minutes later. The tragic murder sets off shock waves throughout Los&#8230; Read More
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