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Tom had always been a normal boy. But something has suddenly awoken inside of him. He has become something he had never expected he would ever become.. A killer. And a good one, too. How is this possible. Tom must solve the mystery of who he really is, and why… Read More

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Thud. “Hahaha!” Thwack. “Ahahahaha! Ahahah!” Thwack. Thwack. Thwack! “HahahahaaHaHaHAHAHAHA!” I couldn’t stop laughing! Hit after hit and he just kept going down and screaming in pain. It served him right for being so damn annoying! So imperfect! I stared at my Science teacher cowering on the ground before me. His… Read More
When a casual trip to the bank turns in to a hostage crisis, Peter and his younger brother Isaac enter a whole new world. Together they learn of a mysterious secret and begin the quest to have it answered. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man has been murdered in a library. Can the Utsi-Rusi team solve this mystery? Read More
Morgan Robertson was brought up in a family with military precision. Her father, a colonel for the Navy Seal's eighth battalion and her half brother Michael, a Marine, meant knowing how to hold a gun before being able to wear high heels or apply make-up correctly. But when a break-in… Read More
Procrastination /pr?(?)?krast??ne??(?)n/ noun 1. The act of delaying or postponing something. In the space of a day, a girl is lost in time, in a gallery in Tuscany. Hair sprayed out like a fantail. Tastes like salt. At the time, she's just a corpse. Nothing more. Nothing less. To those… Read More

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March 12, 2014

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Teacher's pet, straight A student, Rosalie Brookes, just moved to a new town, literally in the middle of nowhere. In a cop car, she meets a bad-boy named Jason. "You're such a good girl." he told her. Then she met Tyler Sean... Hottest guy in school, and her new boyfriend.… Read More
A violent story about the life of a man who is unaware of what is really going on around him. When he awakes to find the truth is already too late. Read More
Two young people are accused of murder. One right. One wrong. Ryan and April need to leave fast. Or else... Read More
"I remember thinking at the time it was going to be a long day. Words cannot describe how hilarious i find that now." All Mitchell wanted was for the day to be over. He'd done his time at that hellhole of a school, so why oh why did fate decide… Read More
When Lady Tuna is sent on a diplomatic mission to Cookamungus-X, she gets caught up in a bizarre murder mystery. Read More
Is a lawyer defending his mother's killer? Read More
Marcie Stinson is your average girl. Big family, mother and father, all those regular things. But for the Stinson's, normal goes down the drain when Christmas comes a knockin' But one simple Christmas changes her life forever. A man, masked beyond recognition. A silver gun, the blood of her entire… Read More
After solving her recent case, Tammy Williams is quite well-known in Manchester, and she is the envy of the rest of her colleagues. So, it is no surprise when the boss asks her to invesigate a cold case. The rotten body of an unknown woman has been found in a… Read More
First of a 4 part series of novels. Tammy Williams has recently joined a detective team in the middle of Manchester. Up to now, all of her cases have involved gangs killings, so there has been little challenge to test Tammy's ability yet, and Tammy is finding herself getting bored… Read More
In the New Orleans of 1926, all is not as it seems. After a delightful revel turns deadly, a web of deceit, revenge, and trickery reveals itself, casting defined blood spatters onto the pristine lives of the city's elite... Read More
Tiffany Levins, her older sister Caterina, and her best friend Dawn Dickson slip away to a Halloween party thrown by a hot senior. The party is being held at an old mansion with a mysterious past. But everything takes an exciting turn when a ghost appears. Tiffany, Cat, and Dawn… Read More
"The storyline was amazing" "I never would have worked it out" Hinbird Valley is a peaceful place where most of its residents are wealthy. Tammy Williams has just moved into a circle of six houses with her boyfriend, and all the neighbours seem to be very friendly. However, one day,… Read More
Follow Detective Katherine Costa and partner Ryan Jennings on their quest to find the infamous "b" killer, a killer who kidnaps his victims and then murders them. When Katherine and Ryan are put on the case they must race against the clock to save the next victim. Meanwhile Katherine and… Read More
Selena Lopez was just a normal 13 year old girl, going to school, crushing on boys. Until her and her 4 friends got involved in something much bigger than they expected. Selena became a special agent, dealing with crime that police stations couldn't handle. Will she be able to stop… Read More
"I was intrigued the whole way through" "This is a first-rate murder mystery" "This is bloody brilliant!" In my fourth (and personal favourite) whodunit, two students crash their car and are forced to stay in the mansion of an extremely wealthy woman. Then, the woman is murdered, and it is… Read More
Syrena has just recieved everything a girl could hope for. A castle, the life of luxury, and an engagement to a prince. The only thing stopping her from being completely satisfied is her position in the Intrigue- a group of people plotting to overcome the bonds of royalty. When she… Read More
After Alan dear friend Jay is in an accident Alan finds he has been left letters to be exact a year worth of letters from Jay in case something like this should ever happen. In reading each letter Alan will learn more about his friend and get answers to questions… Read More
This is my 1960's murder mystery, about Dr Philip Gold and his attempts to solve a mystery he comes across one night when he breaks down in Yorkshire near Christmas. It's a little bit of comedy, and a little bit tongue in cheek. Read More
"Another great murder-mystery with a twist!" "Excellent mystery!" Anne Le Trevell is hated by all who know her. She has made many enemies over the years, and even her own close relatives despise her with a passion! One day, Anne is thrown out of the window, and it will not… Read More
Haughnor Manor is the short story of a young couple who's car breaks down on the English countryside. Stopping for help at the nearest Gothic style estate for help, the plot takes an interesting twist that leads to a risky decision. Read More
Auralee's been haunted for her whole life. After walking in to find her mother brutally murdered in the bathroom, and watching her father get shot to death in front of her, you'd think nothing could be worse. That is until their killer traps her and her school mates on an… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In the nice, quiet village of Lewbury, the sadistic, spiteful elderly woman Jane Thompson is murdered, and there are many suspects, including members of her own family. However, there are further complications when the victim's grandaughter, Tammy Williams, discovers the diary of the victim's mother, Grace. Tammy then discovers that… Read More
Over the past few months there have been several disappearances in Marcus's town, and he and several others with the same suspicions think that they have traced them back to a business man, but things are not as they seem. Read More
Written in the early days of kangaroo meat farming. Based loosely on an unsolved true murder, I've provided a possible solution. Read More
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