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The EKG House

Murderous girlis what they call her. But she never did anything. Read More
It's time. The twins continue to be teased about their past and their future in their dreams. The two ghost children try to warn Drake & Lilly while Tara is having trust issues with her boyfriend. Not even Eric's nightmares about Vanessa and his dad or Vanessa's future can prepare… Read More
Personally i hate kidz bop, i just got bored with life and decied to right this (i added some music if you're bored) Read More
Eighteen year old Princess Lilith goes for a ride on her horse down to the lake, only to be attacked. She is saved by a boy her age. She thinks she recognises him but can't remember who he is. She later finds out that he is called Matthew, and they… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A serial killer sends a letter to his soon to be victim. This is my first story (not my finest work, but pretty decent), so I'm going to need your opinions. Please, comment my story, telling me everything I should do to improve my writing Read More
Chronological End on January 15. © All rights reserved Read More
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