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I will only post a couple of chapters to give you idea what's it about. It is for sale on Amazon if you like it. If you read it, please leave a comment so I can learn from them. Thank you! Meet Dylan Avery, together with his brother Shawn, he… Read More
Aatos,an young composer,finds inspiration for masterpieces in Astrid...The only problem is because,after a while,he starts to lose her... Read More
Joseph Beck has lived most of his life with the nickname, "Apeman." Bullied by his father and classmates, he creates a powerful world of art and imagination that leads to success and even love. But secrets from his past come back to haunt him. Can he reveal them in order… Read More
music keep the memory alive Read More

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Poem / Humor

April 09, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House


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How nature inspires music... Read More

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This is a comprehensive rhetorical analysis of some of the rhetorical devices that Loretta Lynn has employed throughout the years to communicate with her audience and to influence others. Loretta Lynn has been my hero and role model since I was eight years old. Loretta has inspired me immensely throughout… Read More

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The JinYoloers House

It’s a little dark... But it’s good, right? Read More

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The DJ is back. Read More

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The sound of the applause is the one drug Kaori can't get enough. The euphoria that it gives, the nausea that you get in the backstage - it's amazing what you feel being with the crowd, seeing them catching every note of the song, every uttered word from your lips.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The continuation of the first part. Aysha, Yulia’s friend, suffered from the death of her father. But it seems to be, that’s not all. Pavel Bouzlaev, Yulia’s previous producer told them strange things. What’s the secret he hides? Something with personal relationships. This story could be understood without the knowledge… Read More
Harry is a very rich and famous singer, yet in his perfect life, there's just the lack of someone to share this success with. He's trying to find him. Read More
It's all up to you! My poem. Read More

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I recently went to a record show in town with the intention of finding a rare album. This was my experience. Read More
Some thoughts I had while watching a band at The Atlantic Pub. It isn't all about me - my life isn't sorry, and I discovered the benefits of revelry many years ago! Read More
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Madeline, the seventeen year old Jewish musician, has recovered from her ordeal in the house which was owned by a killer. When she attends the New York Violin Society to graduate with honours, she meets a new group of people who are followed by someone who wants them dead. Read More
See what the pen can do! My poem. Read More

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A short horror story about a Jewish musician who spends the night at a house in New York unaware of the tragedy that affects her. Read More
This is written for the first audio/visual/word prompt at the House of Ten Thousand Exotic Rooms. Not only is Disturbed's version of 'The Sound Of Silence' brilliant but the video that accompanies it is really something! If you want to watch it, it is right there on Youtube. Anyway, it… Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"Music will never die, in my opinion. It can't be silenced. It's one of the truest heartbeats in the world; a universal form of communication, ..." Read More

This is an excerpt from a book in progress titled "Lemonade With Ludwig." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the first poem that I have written. It explains the relationship I have with music. There are times when music is my only friend and it is the only one who understands me. So that is why I have written this poem for it. It was a quiet… Read More
“The Crystal Clipper” is the fairy Tale adventure, for this is how we all begin to deal with life - by daydreaming fantastic ways to deal with life’s problems. For David, the princess imprisoned in the tower, the monsters, the deceptions and Temptations in the Prism Palace represent the conflicts… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Surprise from the dark side Read More

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Five musicians united to create a metal band and to leave something that stays forever. Birth,death and eternity of a band,because art is immortal. Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

February 14, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

We Lived the 1990s is a flashback to another time, another reality and way of life. Here I'll recall some of the popular culture of the time, like what we watched on TV, what movies we saw and what music we listened to back in the decade when internet was… Read More
I was thinking of a strange dream I had a few nights ago. I was in a room with zombie rap artists who had been drinking and smoking lots of crack. They sang a curious song to me as I coughed and gagged on the smoke. I recorded the lyrics… Read More

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Music,imagination and darkness.That is my world. Read More
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