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September 25, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

A young songwriter discovers she possesses an amazing talent. Her lyrics and music have a profound impact on people who hear her songs. Ultimately, many listeners are compelled to do what is suggested in the song. This power would become dangerous in the hands of nefarious people. Francesca becomes a… Read More
a short story about the progress so far on the novel romance project. Read More
Phenomenal words of love for the world to know we are all one in Jesus Christ. Read More
We don't worship the sun, but we are grateful for the life that it gives. mY POEM. Read More

Tags: god, music, moon, sun, hot

"Music is love looking for a word" - Sidney Lanier Read More

Tags: music

Spiritual heart of unconditional love. Read More
Ageism, which is defined as prejudice or discrimination towards elders, is prevalent in America. Read More
Experience unconditional love by the power of the holy spirit. Read More
The author discusses new directions for "LennyWrites" and posts the first essay. Read More
Just learned today that an orchestra is S. Korea used an A.I. robot in place of a human conductor. Very apprehensive about this in a fine arts arena. Read More
A review of David Hepworth's history of the rise and fall of the rock stars Read More
A recollection of busking in Europe. Read More
In the enchanting town of Harmony Springs, where the sweet aroma of blooming roses mingles with the gentle whispers of a hidden melody, two souls unknowingly embark on a symphony of love. Amelia, a talented violinist burdened by her troubled past, seeks solace in her music, pouring her emotions into… Read More
A defiant star's stand. A poem-story. Read More
The right voice can lift you like no other. Read More

Featured Review by Thomaswcase8'.

"This is brilliant. The imagery and use of similes is fresh and strong. You evoke all the senses. Well done my friend." Read More

Wrong word found in popular music ought not to be taken seriously. Read More
The story of a young violin student and the magical wood from which her violin was made. Read More

Featured Review by HOUDINI

"Exceedingly well done Sir! And a captivating story indeed, very well put together! Most excellent work!" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A fun little poem dedicated to flutists everywhere, but especially to the late Paige Brook, the wonderful flutist with the New York Philharmonic under whom I studied for a few years in high school. I'm biased, but I agree with Jeremy Steig -- he's probably the finest flutist I've ever… Read More
we always talk about being in love, but what about being loved? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about music written and sung to a tree.... Read More
I used to like Madonna. I used to like her when she looked human and before her knees kept playing her up. This poem is based on a true event... actually a true non-event (January, 2020, Lisbon). Read More

Tags: music, madonna

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