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Anyone can enjoy a little bit of Gilbert and Sullivan. Even if you are a criminal mastermind. A comedy in two acts. Read More
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Movie Review The following is a movie review “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” by Marc Primo. Initial release: July 18, 2018 (Germany, Indonesia) Director: Ol Parker Featured song: I Have a Dream Film series: Mamma Mia! Music composed by: Anne Dudley Read More
This book is for the loving movie of Little Shop of Horrors, the good alternate ending. Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 12, 2018

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The Review Chain House

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Steve, a movie buff, is in love with Candice, but hasn't worked up the guts to ask her out; so God sends in a mischievous angel who has to earn his angel points, to save the day. Steve eventually asks Candice out with the help of legions of angels,… Read More
Attention! Attention the old librarian shouted you his honored guest. Tonight! we have tales of old and new and even a salvation or two! The first act will star our Beautiful Soprano Withered Rose and The Painter Salvatore. Please enjoy the show, we will introduce each act as the… Read More
A rock band group of high school graduates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin decide to travel across the country for the summer in an effort to stay together as both friends and a band. Their trip soon leads them to a small town in rural Indiana that nobody believes exists. Will… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The first novel in a series involving the exploits of George Rook and company. Read More

Featured Review by Anon Amous

"Hey there! I wasn’t sure about your story at first but I decided to give it a shot and I’m really glad I did! I really enjoyed it! What got ..." Read More

Troy and Gabriella were really close at East High but a night changed everything. Now 4 years later Gabriella is dating other boy. But good times aren't meant to last forever. And in this case Gabriella put her faith on wrong man. Troy and Gabriella are alone and away but… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The only thing I knew was to form a rendition of you Read More

Book / Memoir

February 07, 2016

maylene cheng recalls her memories as a young lass, filled with dreams as a musical performer. Read More
All the musical instruments hold a conference to determine which is the most important and which is the most influential. Read More
water a precious substance for life scarce with powers bestowed upon them 1 man finds his purpose chasing after his love an childhood friend Meet Dave one of the few survivors from Miralonaz a planet fresh water world Read More
This is my fanfic - every time I watched An American in Paris I rooted for Jerry and Milo, not Jerry and Lise. This story is what might have happened if things went my way. I intend no infringement and I did not copy from the original story other than… Read More
With experience comes great advice. Having brothers is great. Even when little brothers don't want to be seen with their sister anymore... They offer great advice, protection, laughs and love that no one else could. My eldest brothers advice as I set off for uni was to play music... So… Read More
Rosalynn was just fooling around when she accidentally gets chosen to play the lead on Broadway. And the thing is, Rosalynn is still in high school. Despite this being her dream, she is not sure that she can handle it. But surely God had His reasons for bringing her to… Read More
Juanita is tired of being her mother's translator. She is in high school and has better things to do with her time, such as acting in the school's musical. But when she finds out her mother is pregnant, that is the lost straw. She eventually ends up going to church… Read More
Second part of "The Naughty 80's Video Show".Nurse Carol shows up,and ruins everyone's fun. Read More
It's 1987,and Hipster Nerds Gary & Dawn show up at an unusual Science Fiction convention hosted by the mysterious Tri-sexual mad scientist Jon. Read More
Carrie Nixon survived the 80’s or at least she thought she had. Struggling to get her life under control then was a difficult time for her. Fumbling through the 80’s with her college pals was far more extreme for her than most. Maintaining her sanity from the haunted past is… Read More
MAMA ROSE'S TURN is the first full biography of Rose Thompson Hovick, the mother of actresses Gypsy Rose Lee and "Baby June" Havoc. It tells what happened before and after the story of this show business family that was immortalized on Broadway and in film in GYPSY: A MUSICAL FABLE. Read More
This book is full of songs I've written. ALL WRITTEN BY ME. Thanks for reading. 6 songs per chapter! THANKS AGAIN LOL... Read More
A closeted homosexual releases his inner ambition to sing, and stand out, leads him to play a female role in a school musical known as the hit show "Wicked". He soon finds the true meaning of love and decides it comes at much too high a cost. Playing as the… Read More
A small joke between me and my friend that quickly escalated into something bigger... It's based on the video game series "Star Fox", so it'll probably make more sense if you're familiar with those. Not to mention that the first act was more of a joke between my friend and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

LyraHydraComa LyraHydraComa is Soma in December a song to Remember Vested Armor to Shield the Pain of Disaray. Musical Fusion Paradox Orthodox or South Paw Muse with a Fuse Adding to the Lexicon Weaving Stitching Penmanship Predaliction. Aiding Subjects with Subjects Subjecting Mythos Harp Song Snake Charmer Armour Dali Lama… Read More
CUSTER! is a new musical based on facts surrounding the Battle of Little Bighorn and the legacy of General Custer and the Sioux Indians. Read More
Radames,(Adam Pascal) the commander of the Egyptian Army, who is engaged to Amneris, an Egyptian princess (Sherie Rene Scott), but falls in love, fatally it turns out, with Aida (Heather Headley), a Nubian princess captured and enslaved by the Egyptians Book by Linda Woolverton. Based on Verdi's opera, Aida. Music… Read More
I wrote this song about a girl who hallucinates this other girl singing to her about a perfect world so here ya go Read More

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