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The Booksie Classic House

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"I sense a chilling vision coming together here. Like the way the momentum is building." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The survivors have lost too much. Their escape of the country, their home in Mexico, their camp in New York. Coty, Maddie, Julian and now Spencer. They're fed up with it, and now they're ready to fight. After sailing to the mysterious island in the middle of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Set in the same universe as The Justice Warrior:Telekinesis, This book focuses on Vansel Being,whose son has been diagnosed with an unknown lethal disease with no known cure.Vansel therefore sets out on a journey to find a cure that leads him right in the center of a… Read More
STORY: It's been i don't know how many years since the world above the surface seemed to have ended. World War 3 finally broke out and the power houses of the world dropped there nuclear weapons on each other along with countless other bombs that caused the natural environments… Read More

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Florida is destroyed, Mexico is destroyed, America is destroyed. After traveling to The Outpost in Mexico to find a sanctuary, their stay lasted around 3 months while they fought a war and kept everyone together. Now they're back on the road, with a new destination in mind; the remains… Read More
Fifteen-year-old Christina Coleman is just like any other teen in New York City. Except she lives in the sewers. And she's a mutant. Used to her life of solitude she's conflicted when Cody shows up, offering to teach her how to control her powers along with a few other… Read More
In 2015, the world fell into a nuclear war between every major country. The fallout lasted nearly 4 years, and children were born with mutations. Unfortunately the new government in New York is corrupt. Read More
Prologue- I have always known that I was different. I don’t know why but I have always felt like an outsider. My soon to be real parents found me about two miles outside of New Orleans. I was about one year old and extremely malnourished. I was adopted the very… Read More

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Summer vacation is almost here! And Pea O'Neil is stoked to try out the new local BMX track which is finally open. He and his gang of friends can ride all summer long! But when Pea tries a back flip, he unwittingly opens a portal to another dimension and hordes… Read More
After a Nuclear experiment gone wrong, Deena awakens to find the world she once knew had changed for the worse. Whilst trying to piece together her memories she decides to go out and look for other survivors but along the way she is confronted by mutated creatures and people driven… Read More
When the world is consumed by nuclear fire, you would imagine that everyone caught in the blast would stay dead. So did Thomas Rave when he witnessed a wall of fire destroy everything, but when he is found by some not too friendly tribes people, he finds that he's still… Read More
The Neo-Genesis experiment. A project to create people that would bring the world into a new era, a utopia. But how will that world be created? With peace, or with war? A pair of twins, brought into the project as infants, will decide the course of the entire project, perhaps… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 21, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

What would you do if your world was going to be destroyed tomorrow? Living a life as a test subject, Al is ready to escape her contorted destiny as a genetically engineered hybrid. Gaining fellow comrades through a journey in the unknown, Al begins to rediscover her identity, her life,… Read More
When extreme circumstances force Robin, a 14 year old orphan, to team up with a man she's never met before in order to get home, they both learn the dangers of the radioactive wasteland that used to be the United States. Her bodyguard, a man named Harlan, must get her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world as we knew it is gone. No one could be trusted any more and the last survivors have to collect all their knowledge to make it out... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Whats left of the earth after the virus fell from the sky infecting millions. life is hard now. groups of uninfected travel to survive. decayed cites and wasted countrysides are all that's left to enjoy. Elliott Paris the leader of his group Free Dogs must fight against life's new nature… Read More

Book / Thrillers

August 15, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

The knowledge of living life is absent from our fragile minds. We work for results that are fictional in our own world. Money, wealth and fame never does make the cut when survival comes to play. Countless of people die every single day, while we sit in our secure homes… Read More
Takes place years after the Hunger Games trilogy. A Capitol-like government is back in power, and Ariadne is chosen, along with 19 other children, to become a part of a series of government experiments that are supposedly designed to help progress their society. She knows, though, that there are always… Read More
This novel is about a girl living in a world after human have destroyed themselves. Is she let last person left within this world of monsters? Read and find out. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

COMPLETED!(First book of the Venom series.) The virus was first found in a test patient, a volunteer, mutating rapidly. The mutated virus didn’t take long to turn him into a blood sucking monster. It started with a simple laboratory test. Vampires did not exist, right? Wrong. They are not the… Read More
Andromeda, the name as old as the stars. She is only one of the five. Together, they are supposedly unstoppable, and they have made it through a lot, but are they truly unstoppable? Read More
Thanks to a erratic drug, mutants were created. All of them are hated by the regular townsfolk and sent into exile in another part of town. Now gangs of mutants are rising to take over the town and the government has to gather their own mutant forces. Read More
A group of friends with mismatched superpowers go on a rescue mission to save their friend. But the further they go the more they begin to question who is friend? And who is foe? Read More

Poem / Romance

September 17, 2012

Just a little poem about love, mutant x-men style :) Read More
Temperance and Riley are faced with a world of death. Because of a destructive power, the world lays in ruins, and people mutated due to radiation. When things start getting tough for the two, they must embark on a journey to find a safe haven where they can live out… Read More
My story begins at the end of my first Banished To Earth book, the opening centers around Silhouette a gentically altered human haunted by painful childhood memories that cause her to be impulsive and sarcastic. Another character, Grant Stayner, discovers on the beach and she makes some horrifying discoveries about… Read More
Caesar Sullivan wasn't the happiest man on earth, but his luck wasn't going to change as he got inducted into the project known as "Project Lupus." Infused with wolfven blood he is know stuck in a everlasting "lycan" state. Along with another four of his "kind." Kept under the watch… Read More
A story of soldiers, they have been mutated to become the ultimate soldier, this is the story of Tiyumi and her rise to power. The year is 2064, and many of the worlds governments have collapsed, the only salvation was the Shonian, Terrian and Gairin Empires working in the background… Read More
How far will a mother go for the sake of her son? The answer is a disturbing twist on the lycan legend as Lori R. Lopez (author of "Bloodpath", "Heartbeat", "The Wraith", AN ILL WIND BLOWS, CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES and much more) depicts an experiment gone terribly awry. Charles is a… Read More
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