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A poem about reaching out, I'm here for anyone who needs it. I can be just an ear to listen to or if you want to talk about something don't hesitate to reach out to me. Read More

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A poem in the form in a letter to my future self Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For "Gillie", HJ xx Read More

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"I know you won’t ever see a girl like Gillian again! Nice story or account." Read More

My heart aches for the world in its current state. Truths are spun in a web of lies, plague and illness spread like wildfire, and people are at war with each other, all over what is truth. I want to uncover it, and share it, no matter the cost. These… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

To give an idea of how I think... you may think its funny, but it took years for me to understand the non logical phrases and terms that I had issues with. This is a brief example, just to get you to understand, how I think. Read More

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Being an only child with out a dad, mom had an odd way of nurturing a boy. Here is a wee glimpse into me growing up as a child without much of a childhood. I did not miss childhood, as I was self sufficient by the age of 5. Other… Read More

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it educates us on the definition of good and bad. who is good? who is bad? is it possible for one to be good. why it is important we should live with our conscience. Read More

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'my journey in life' is the title of my first book that i am hoping to write and share on booksie. through living in different places with different cultures i have witnessed many events and traumas that lead me to be who i am today and i am eager to… Read More

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Have you ever wished your life was different than what it was? That you could somehow, turn it all around? Maybe you made a mistake sometime in your life that you wish you could erase? In my life, I did something as a kid I probably shouldn't have. I had… Read More
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A poem about one of the best shows ever created! Read More

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Poem / Romance

March 29, 2018

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The Review Chain House

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When she finally decides to choose school and herself over her endless search for love, someone from her past shows up and he is about to mess up her life all over again. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

December 12, 2017

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The EKG House

i thought that i was safe again, until the day they came. that was when my freedom was snatched from my hands. again. please give me some feedback by commenting down there! | | \/ Read More

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An open window to my life when i wanted to be a writer, a dream that I hold dear, still. I doubt anyone would actually read it, but for those who wonder of my way of writing or how i started. I do plan on writing a book based on… Read More

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he met her in the park. their love story was building up until......... Read More

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I wrote this in my AP World History class while we were supposed to be taking notes but I chose to write this instead Read More
writing is my solitude my peace my happiness , i'm free to express myself without any judgment speaking my thoughts shouting from the top of my lungs. my words piercing through paper with emotion i thank you for your part in my journey Read More

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This is the story of my life part 1 through 2005 to 2013 this is a mix up genre story true fact so that's why I got this on other alot of stuff has happened in my life alot of people don't believe me about some things but I know… Read More

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The world is a place full of distractions. All kinds of electronic games and devices were created to distract you from the realities of life. If you allow it, you can be continually distracted from those things that are really important in life, things like hearing from God. You can't… Read More

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This is just a continuation of My Journey. Read More

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This is my story through bullying. I hope this helps anyone who's going through the same thing. Read More

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Everything i cant say i write. Read More

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A women named Nickey Turner who was known to her family as a druggy and a lier. Has a tragic accident happen to one of her bestfriends. She tries to go to her older brother and he doesn't believe a word she says. So she uses force to save her… Read More

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Poem / Non-Fiction

October 15, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem concentrates on some individual experiencing awful things and encountering the endowment of light. This upheaval drove the individual to realize that even in dull times, they can be positive. Read More

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I'm new here and this is my first writing!!! Just want to write a short letter to introduce myself and tell you all my story. Read More

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it twinkles as it dies I blow on the embers to keep them alive the breaths are getting shorter Read More

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