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*First draft, in progress* Everyone has secrets. Eight women over the span of ten years have gone missing in the tiny prairie town of Stancombe, Alberta. When a woman digs herself from her own grave, local cops call in the best profiler to chase down a female serial killer: Agent… Read More

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March 04, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

"you are not my father" he looks so young and hot, what is his motive? Cassandra Jordan faces her fake father but doesn't know how to approach him and ask of his true motive. things are getting intense with the story full of question marks, who is he? what did… Read More
P.S. This story is a short story I did for my creative writing class. Alone in solitude unable to see he lives. He no longer has a thirst for interaction except for food. He waits like a pet who's waiting for a treat. When a lady is put into his… Read More
DING! 109 New Messages: “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Look outside.” Read More
A wedding is a fun time for Everyone, especially for the bride and her favorite cousin . Sofia Bell can't wait for her cousin, Rhea Larson to get married. Plus, Rhea chose Sofia to be her bridesmaid. On the Big day, everyone is horrified of a sudden tragedy. The tragedy… Read More
Baby boomer Mickey Shamus, a retired postal worker fresh off life’s treadmill of endless mortgage payments, car payments, and college tuition bills for the kid, not to mention a healthy, three-meal-a-day monkey on his back, suddenly finds himself divorced, broke, and free to pursue his lifelong fantasyto lead the exciting… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A lady in her late 25s, dark-haired, disciplined and punctual, with a mind blowing personality and amazing figure. Years ago, she was even naïve and was recognized on part of her exceptional research work in the field of biochemistry to get personally recruited by a well - funded company. However,… Read More
*First draft complete, unedited* Diving right back into the crazy underworld where Agents Dwayne MacMorris and Emily Abbett are uncovering information and secrets to send to the International Crime Bureau. A Russian mobster fancies Emily, who keeps him at bay. Dwayne is still a bit off the rails as he… Read More
*First draft complete, unedited* Private investigator Martha Holmes walks away from her marriage and into a cold case that becomes bigger than she imagined. When Jaeger Keith asks Martha to help find his sister, who has been missing for a decade, Martha also discovers Chloe Remmy isn't the only young… Read More
An old friend makes a surprise visit during a snowstorm. As Abby and William reminisce, long held and new secrets are revealed. Read More
MYSTERY ! ACTION ! SUSPENSE ! SPACE COLONY ! ROMANCE !EXPLOSIVE ! A mysterious knockout bottle-blonde loses her husband somewhere in the judicial system on Space Colony #88. She hires Nick Ryder to find him and gets the help of the astonishing Alexandra King into the bargain. A non-stop trail… Read More
This story is about what happens when a boy is blamed for the murder of his best friend. ~The characters and any incidents in this story are purely fiction. Any similarity with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ~The content is COPYRIGHTED. ~The story is PURELY for ENTERTAINMENT… Read More

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February 24, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Meeting her was the best thing that happened to she can't be gone...she just can't. Read More
The world is in ruin, the great societies that once existed in the wastelands are nothing but legends now. The few people that are left alive are nothing but slaves to the rich and powerful. Forty is one of them. Given nothing except a number, he serves his masters faithfully.… Read More
The danger that comes with being a BrainHacker... Not super scary but slightly creepy at one point. No romance or (what I consider) horror! Read More
Lollyender is looking to start her first day of high school as a lone wolf. She certainly doesn't need any friends like Vesca or The Gorries. However, when a series of "accidents" and missing children transpire, Lollyender finds herself growing ever closer with them as they try to unlock the… Read More
Ali gets a surprise that will change his life in just one afternoon. Read More
We only have one life. One chance. One purpose. One body. One mind. One goes to One-hundred and I will tell the story in between. Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

ONCE UPON A TIME in a world much like our own, magic has all but faded away to superstition. It is spoken of in fables to scare naughty children, and those casters of it are few as these gifts have been lost to time. Those few with the talent are… Read More
In a world where everyone hides a dark secret behind closed door of our heart, you don't know which door will open to a dark end. (I am writing after a long hiatus) Read More
Rachel works hard as a mother of the only child. And it's hard for her to be at home with Becky all the time. So she decided to find someone who will help her with that. Read More
Author : Lin Musen ????? It's about an orphan young girl. She comes alone to a big city to live with her distant relatives. Before she meets them, she witnesses a kidnapping. While running away from the kidnappers, she meets an unemployed man. Even though he is not a young… Read More
Jack Donovan encounters a client who thinks he is being gaslighted. Or is he? What is really going on? And what does this have to do with Jack's wife, Kate. Read More

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Clarity Baldwin was a troubled girl. She was indifferent, always stayed to the side, always kept to herself. Her only friends were the ones that no one else could see but they weren't from her imagination. They were real. They were ghosts. Phantoms of the night. And they were here… Read More
After getting involved in a serious accident, paranormal things start to happen to Jester and his town. He has been in numerous incidents that almost costed his life, and in the end he was lucky to have survived. Read More

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He caged me between his hands and stared at me from his hazel green eyes. Tracing my neck with his amazing wet sloppy kisses, he started sucking and nibbling on my neck.I arched my head backward, amazed by his lips moments. His lips were doing magic on my skin. It… Read More
They have met unspectedly. Each is suspicious of the other. Who is telling the truth? What is really happening? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Vanessa Donnelly and her twin Bella just moved to Willow Lake, a quiet little town with quiet little people. Until they both become acquainted with Lila Padilla. Lila claims that she can see the future and predicts how both the twins and their new friends will die. It was all… Read More
Charlie Toombes wants to prove that she's more than a rich girl and solve some crimes of her own. A short story version of my flash fiction work "When Normal Becomes Odd." Please be warned, this is graphic and goes over various details of true Jack the Ripper cases. Read More
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