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Something is burning its victims alive in Las Vegas. and a detective sets her mind to figuring out a mystery that may go back further than she would care to think about. In a house of challenged individuals and the city's crime families, there seems to be some connection. Overt… Read More
Could you go to jail for murder for forging corporate checks, never having physically harmed a soul? It's possible, explore the felony murder rule in this essay using exciting hypotheticals and offer your own opinions in the comments. Read More
The cover art was made by my sister. You can find her here on instagram @sarahvlasblom Long ago, when only a few villages were scattered across Trivinartria's wilderness, eight men held in their possession orbs of unknown origin. These men came to be known in history as Trivinartria's founding fathers,… Read More
An emergency bus ride. An unaccustomed rider. An encounter. What could it mean, and for whom? Read More

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June 25, 2022

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Gwenna is haunted by the night her parents were murdered by a blood thirsty vampyre right in front of her as a child. Gwenna almost didn't make it herself, but a mysterious woman and child was able to stop the vampyre from killing her, but not without leaving a deep… Read More
A collection of short stories set in Berry Creek Georgia, where the local sheriff discovers something suspicious when investigating accidental deaths. Murders cleverly disguised as accidents, a classic series of murder mysteries in a rural setting. See if you can figure out how they did it before Sheriff Fleming, his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fifteen years after Emily Walker's tragic murder the small mountain town of Quail Lake is once again faced with a killer amongst them. Someone is determined to reveal a truth that puts sisters Abigail and Avery Walker in his deadly path. Read More

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"An excellent, well written, and dramatic, novel. " Read More

A father-son story with a weird twist, follow our two protagonist through there daily lives and experience the world that they see as normal, a land, both scared and forgotten, were day bleeds and the night does not sleep, were ancient monuments stand unfallen, but still rotting. though this adorable… Read More
Why is the night sky dark? It has nothing to do with the sun and the obvious answers are not correct. if you have never read about Olbers’ Paradox you will enjoy this short essay. You will be surprised by the answer, it took the great minds of science nearly… Read More

Tags: mystery, science

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The circus has come to Salem for the summer and horrible things keep happening to Corrine Devonshire. When she sneakily goes to the circus one night, without her grandmother knowing because she hates circuses with a fiery passion. She somehow gets wrapped up in an initiation on a whim, in… Read More
Detective Wolf is a stressed detective, struggling to heal. Kitten is the surname of a vigilante in a powerful group. Both of their lives conjoin after a series of bloody events, and the polar opposite must work together long enough to stop a savage killer, with a quick mind. Read More
Cryptic clues to the murder of lawyer Carl Tucker begin to emerge along with another murder, the discovery of a dead body, and a shocking cliffhanger! Read More
A story about a parent's worst nightmare. Read More
A family vacation to Koto (the City of Faith, Love, and Reason), to out to be a nightmare. Read More

Tags: horror, mystery

The scatter of wild worlds in every chapter. Read More
Jemma Dodge does not have a good track record with technology, so what happens when a fancy new computer gets released? Read More

Tags: mystery, sci-fi, funny

I only ever met one man I'd call truly noble. He was a man who was misunderstood and worthy of the world, yet everyone saw him differently. That was until I saw his true colours. The more I caught his eye the more he noticed me. We would pass each… Read More
Co-written by C.L. Speranza and R. Booker. The story of Valorforge follows a small and dysfunctional guild of adventurers in Grimros, a cold and mountainous Orcish region in the human province of Nelthemar. Based in the lower level of an unfittingly lavish public tavern, the guild has mostly been taking… Read More
Annamarie's father is hiding something, but what? After a fateful move, Anna begins to question the mysterious events happening around her, only to be thrown into an unfamiliar world of history and danger in the society of the survivors of the Hecathian race. Powers, death, betrayal, and finding the truth… Read More
Set in the COVID-era present, Oliver Darling, BGD, tells the story of Oliver, a witty, somewhat pompous, fifty-year old professor bored with his library career, and stymied in a relationship with his beloved longtime partner Skylar. Through happenchance, Oliver begins a new career as an ‘Art Detective,’ or as he… Read More
A young, Euro-business woman struggles with her husband's disappearance. She investigates a claim by a friend that he might still be alive on the island of Aruba, where they were married, yet the suspicion is, if alive, he's been held or influenced by dark forces. Read More

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Eve, Georgia, Emily, Lucy and Martha are working on a project to clone a DNA of vampire. They tried many techniques but their project always gives fifty percent results at each trial. For everyone their project is a failure, and later they abandoned the idea of it. On the other… Read More
It's been years ever since the first outbreak of the fatal coronavirus. With it now being the year 2034 almost all human life on earth has been eradicated. All of this started happening in the year 2020 , with what seemed like a regular pandemic impacting the masses. How I… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Do you believe in the possibility of reincarnation? This is my journal of mysterious memories I’ve had since birth, recurring dreams and knowledge of a life that aren’t from the one I’m currently living… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Riddle Called Valentwine Read More

Tags: horror, mystery

A small town usually means trouble. When Dienara and her friends get curious about a forest in their town of Bionorka they decide to discover further. Who knows what they may find. Read to find out. Read the Wattpad version to see updates and quick notes! Read More

Tags: mystery, action

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