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oliver is a supportive boyfriend to his girlfriend, ellie who got into a bit of a... accident. she's been asleep for 18 hours, 24, 48! will she wake up? Read More

Book / Thrillers

October 04, 2023

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The Review Chain House

Wolf is a broken detective, struggling to heal from trauma. Kitten is a vigilante in a broken organization. Their lives conjoin after a series of violent events, and the polar opposite must work together long enough to stop a Killer whos always 10 steps ahead, and all the while, they… Read More
Seq: Silent Worlds saga. The lives we live have ups and downs, and for some of us we can move on as we grow. But, funny thing about the past is that it grows too, and sometimes... it follows you. Read More

Tags: rape, gay, mystery, sex, angst

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The Booksie Classic House

An account of a young woman who sees a mysterious man during her daily commute and becomes obsessed with him. Read More
Saddled with soul crushing debt? Need an impossible task done? Riddled with an incurable disease? Light at the end of the tunnel fading away? Or has your life simply plunged into unending darkness? New Life Inc. can solve your problems for you free of charge! All you need to do… Read More
Benjamin, a bluebird has just been admitted to be a member of the high royal council. But only a week after he joined, the king died. Now, he wants to figure out what happened to him and how. Read More
An exciting story with crime and intrigue. The narration will keep you hooked and the ending will surprise you. Read More

Tags: mystery, drama, crime

The psychiatrist was about to meet his patient in the darkroom. Read More
We are so far from all the rest. My poem. Read More
A spooky tale of a young man who finds himself at home alone with an unknown menace. Read More
Twenty years ago, people suddenly disappeared in a provincial military town, and the remaining residents were found dead. Everything points to the fact that the tragedy may be repeated in our days: natural anomalies begin, lights flash in the windows of empty houses, and broken rides start moving in the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dear Diary, I had found you in the attic, between old and weird stuff. Normally, I'm not allowed to enter the attic because it is 'dangerous'. But they just don't want me to look through their stuff. -R *** Leonardo is one of the most popular boys at his school,… Read More
In 2055, a magnificent discovery happen. A new race of hominins is found frozen in deep Alaska. This unidentified-yet-hominin has a unique DNA that can be human next hope for life form. If only the human live style developed nicely not to capitalism nor otherwise... the chaos will not happen.… Read More
Jean, a professional historian, buys a box of pictures at an estate sale and finds one showing a young girl posed with adults she doesn't recognize as her parents. The question of who these people are along with pictures showing a broad daylight shooting send her on a quest to… Read More

Tags: mystery, identity

Book / Literary Fiction

September 25, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

A young songwriter discovers she possesses an amazing talent. Her lyrics and music have a profound impact on people who hear her songs. Ultimately, many listeners are compelled to do what is suggested in the song. This power would become dangerous in the hands of nefarious people. Francesca becomes a… Read More
Long ago, when the world was at war, a government arrivied and waged peace. They untied the world into one country, Cityworld. Read More
Three orphans living on an island on the outskirts of an empire birthed from an apocalypse. Their entire world shifts as their entire village are massacred. This leads the orphans with the guidance of their mentor to leave the island and head to the mainland. ALARIC has prior knowledge of… Read More
This is a book that has a huge twist I'm not going to reveal the ending of it. Let's say the story goes into fantasy but turns out to be not fantasy. Read More
Isidore’s friend entered the dark, forbidding garden but never came out. Was his friend murdered? Read More
In the quaint English village of Ashford, time seems to have stood still—or rather, looped back to the year 1983. Emily, a young filmmaker, arrives to document this curious phenomenon and its enigmatic orchestrator, Harold. As she delves deeper into the lives of the villagers and the mystery surrounding Harold,… Read More

Tags: mystery, curious

Not all of the elvish refugees followed King Kaelorian. Some lingered in the West, led by those who called themselves the ‘Eldari.’ They were revered by their kinsmen as the eldest, and closest in bloodline to Kaelorian. Through their cunning and ability to harness their people’s ancient prowess, these leaders… Read More
Occult, witchcraft & dark magick poetry. Copyright The Elusive Mr Dunne.. (All rights reserved) Read More

Tags: dark, horror, god, war, mystery

Short Story / Thrillers

September 20, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

A young couple try to rekindle the romance in their relationship by taking a short break to the Kent countryside, and staying in a refurbished Windmill, but all doesn’t go to plan. Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 19, 2023

A young man observes strange happenings both in the wildlife and the people that surround him. Read More

Book / Horror

September 18, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Mavis Booker is the daughter of a well-known doctor. She has spent her whole life in the hospital due to her father's dedication to his work with prosthetics. Suddenly, Mavis starts to realize something weird about the hospital. People are acting strange, and she's having terrifying nightmares. There is a… Read More
Priscilla, an elderly widow, completes a mysterious, life revealing crossword. Read More
A look into the Mexican tv show LA HORA MARCADA, which ran from 1988-1990. This tv show had it all- horror, mystery, suspense and even science fiction. Here I’ll describe several episodes, analyze them and review them. Because these episodes are hard to come by, not many people might be… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rita May takes a train ride each month to visit her sister, but this time things seem a little different than usual. This short story will have you looking over your shoulder, and scared to fall asleep! Read More
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