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Horrors from Crab-Crossing is a series novel that runs like a trailer. It has similar main characters as protagonists who are a team of detectives that investigate several horrors that take place in Crab-Crossing. This is the first part-Part I and tells the story of a librarian that is… Read More
Bianca was a run of the mill Toyko waiter - until a string of horrendous murders connect her and a radical terror plot. Read More
A deviant story about meaning and purpose. Cut to the backdrop of a global city state. A city where dark intruders share space with average citizens. Assuming odd philosophy of strange ascension. On the path to total decay. Read More
No summary, read story and tell me if it is interesting at all. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

please give me feed back, no hate, hope you like this chapter. Read More
A mystery series about a teenage girl who is forced to move to Shady Fields, with an inquisitive background with detective work due to her infamous grandpa, she quickly discovers all of the mysteries lying within Shady Fields. Read More
Ivy is just a normal girl at Alan High, what she never expected was to find her ex-boyfriend's dead body one day. No one is able to crack this mystery of who killed him, not even the police. Everyone and anyone could have done it at any time, all clues… Read More
An interview with a new Anna follower Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An early history of the film noir genre with special emphasis on the legendary film ¨The Maltese Falcon¨ and its impact on the careers of Humphrey Bogart and the film's director, John Huston. The book features leading men and women who popularized the genre in its early phase such as… Read More
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