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So basically this is my life, and I think it's time someone heard my story so please give me advice and tell me if what I've written is worth continuing.... Read More
Written thoughts of the man Himself. Read More
Short Note:Hi um this is a story thats been in my mind I dont know how it should be rated yet so um if it is more PG or PG-13 let me know so I can change the rating and for the parents with kids of 13 and below please… Read More
This is the story of romance and heroism. For comments, questions or corrections, please email me at: Read More

Tags: romance, jane, mystory

This story contains elements of romance, mystory and crime. by Faisal Fransu Read More
This is a short story about the Rapture. Read More

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Okay, here it goes. My first challenge. I think this will be fun! Keep in mind this is my FIRST challenge, so if it's not all that good, sorry. :P Read More
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