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Brenda grew up in Mishawaka, Indiana. She did not have the finer things in life growing up. Her parents did not have a lot of money, so she was considered pour. She had to wear her older sisters clothes or her mom handmaid them. She had choirs to do every… Read More
The story of a boy who get futurastic super powers from an alionic energy souce that give infinite energy . Read More
On first day of New year the maid finds William's body chopped into pieces and thrown in his apartment. Detective Jacob along with Officer Maria have never seen a murder so brutal. William was a wealthy businessman working at Wall Street. His brother Andrew garner is the prime suspect along… Read More
Hey. This story is based on 'Little Woman" but this story is much shorter! Hope u like it! Please tell me ur comments so I can immprove! Read More
Harry Potter the boy who lived everyone knows about him but not so much about his twin sister Bethany, and this well this is the story of the girl who lived Read More
The possibility/impossibility and the belief/unbelief of man trying to communicate. Read More
‘The mystery man’ the poet is talking about without saying his name could be Jesus Christ. From the description, she imagined existing around that time and seeing who He was and she wished that happened. The poet wondered if the descriptions suit the mystery man and if people could have… Read More
The poem is about God creating the heavens and the earth with his words and his words are still the same, unchangeable word which can be found in the holy book. It is believed by believers that His Words are stronger that anything on earth and in heaven. No man… Read More
The poet explains John chapter 1 verse 38 – 42 to her own understanding. It is believed that the bible is silent over certain events and no one knows why. The poet believes that these silent events are full of real mystery and should be kept silent. She uses the… Read More

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The poem is all about when the garment of Christ. The poet was inspired by a documentary of Jesus and what he used to wear while on earth. It gave her the inspiration to write a poem on it. Read More
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