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Book / Fantasy

September 03, 2018

Based on the Narcissus myth. This story is mostly for me. It's not intended to be accurate or realistic, I just wanted a fleshed out story based on Narcissus. I'm not fond of the gruesome details of Greek mythology, so I'll add those very sparingly. I think this will… Read More
"LOVE NEVER FINDS THE DIFFERENCES. IT IS US WHO NOTICES THEM." Zayn is a Quietus who has the job of setting the souls of human free from their body when the time demands it. On one night, a mortal walks into his path. This mortal, unlike others, is mysterious. Is… Read More
Dylin Day has never been defined as 'normal'. She has always been different, set off from the crowd somehow. Recently some strange things have been happening in her life that make her ask herself, just how different is she? Read More
The following is a bit about what happened to Kitten Longhart after her capture by Echoing Halls. Also the debut of Leonardo Colletorre, Nicole's husband. Read More

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The Echoing Halls is active with getting a more recent captive, an Elf, their 20th capture. Read More
This was a poem I wrote for an Anthology, that never got created. The Anthology was dedicated to the Dioscuri (better known as Castor & Pollux). The Calydonian Boar was sent down by the Goddess Artemis to attack the region of Calydon in Aetolia (a region of Greece).. Castor and… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

March 21, 2012

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Blue eyes, is the new book im working on i just finished this first part, its really about a girl name Winter Bloom, she is in line to be the next ruler of a clan called the ales, powerful creatures, in order to find out what kind she is, she… Read More
Another of my poems about the World Beyond. Read More
Max is a man in a medieval/fantasy world with a haunting past and an impending future. Stuck in a war where losing means the extinction of the human race, Max may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee victory. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 01, 2011

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Experimenting with the unsymbolised, ignoring the rules of rhyme.. Read More
[1440] Aristocratic life in Venice, Italy is relatively easy for young Marcelo Vincenzi to cope with, despite all his outbursts, promiscuous crusades and perilous escapades. Not one to look beyond nobility, Mac is incapable of dealing with a turn of fate leading him into something dreaded and treacherous; escaping the… Read More

Book / Young Adult

December 01, 2009

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Princess Adrianna finds out that she has a brother and a sister. Twins, she tries to find her. She goes far and near to find her siblings, the ones she has been longing for her whole life. Are they just a sploof that her younger step sisters are making up,… Read More
She looks at the full moon and counts her strands of hair. One strand behind the left ear; one strand in the middle of the scalp; three strands behind the right hair. If she counts her teeth the number would not stand any competition against the above count. But then… Read More
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