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When something sounds too good to be true, most always it IS too good to be true ... And so it goes with the many fantastical promises of Organized Religion ... Read More
Inspired by the Beethoven's 6th Symphony (The Pastoral) as interpreted in the 1940 Disney film 'Fantasia', I wanted to present a day in idealized classical Greece as an interplay between gods and mankind. ...A playful mini-play in four parts. Read More

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This is an account of a Nirrati, it takes place in the fantasy land of Nirratia. A land bounded by snowy mountains far from all the kingdoms and empires. It's the home of its bird-headed and human-bodied creatures, who struggle to keep the mountains safe for their weak bodies. The… Read More
continued from Rivals, four unique individuals work to keep man and creature save from each other. They come across a dark cult that wishes to unleash a wicked demon on Japan. Read More
A short story about a girl and her cat I wrote for a class Read More
Prompt: Aliens have invaded and are taking over. Their technology, intelligence, and power is unstoppable. They just didnt plan on one thing: The old gods returning. Read More
This is the story of Peter Rhodes who believes we are prevented from truly expressing ourselves by social constraints and the belief that only perfection will do. But he discovers that altruistic motives carry a price when he is forced to negotiate conflicting views of moral integrity, the love of… Read More
An interesting thesis that all those who look for truth will more or less find it, and that the Greeks were a heck of a lot closer to doing so than one might think. Read More
An introductory essay paper transcribed by Beabars Appesh & Zaina El-Said on the origin, history and characteristics of the Circassian goat mask, known as the Azheghafe. Cover Design by Eyad Osman Read More
Vesta, the Virgin Goddess of home and family is old and cold, sitting at a bust stop in the Red Light District. She's missed her bus and is stuck with a beaten-up young man who's life is about to be changed. Read More

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A reimagining of Ovid's version of Medusa's story. Cover art by Art de Noé Read More
Whereas Mahabharata's Bhagvad-Gita is taken as a philosophical guide, Ramayana's Sundara Kãnda is sought for spiritual solace; many believe that reading it or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings! Miracles apart, it's in the nature of this great epic to inculcate fortitude and generate… Read More

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Evryn’s got mad skills at playing hide and seek. She can find lost children, hack the most secure databases, pretty much anything. Except for the one thing she desires most: the knowledge of who her parents are, why they abandoned her, and what her special talent means about who and… Read More
Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Myth Behind the Guard! Last time, Bragi and the Muses were barely able to make it to the battle of the bands! What could possibly stand in their way now? To answer that, we must first explore the history of Lucha Libre-the… Read More
leno was the god of solitude. elias was of grief. their adamant attraction with each other forebodes death from one of them. will they run away from each other or will they not let death get in between them? Read More
Densetsu: The world which exists quietly beside ours, separated by a mystical border. A utopia where humans and other beings--such as fairies, monsters, and even gods live peacefully together. Up in the high mountains, there lives a shrine maiden who guards the border of Densetsu, and the shrine becomes filled… Read More
Welcome back and thank you for your patience everyone for another episode of Myth Behind the Gard! Last week, Bragi and the Muses had to make a sacrifice in order to convince Fossegrim to teach Bragi how to play in time for the battle of the bands. Now with his… Read More
The Earth Screamed in Agony To end the decade-long war with his son Zeus and the Olympians, Cronus of Atlantis has unleashed nuclear fire upon the world. But in the nightmarish aftermath of charred flesh, bloated bodies and radiation sickness, he has instead brought the battle to his own city… Read More
The Nephilim Were Betrayed Born in the pens of Pettit, Anak and Eriktis are Nephilim, a new race of man intended to be the saviors of the People. Instead, they and their brethren are feared, hated and hunted. They were created by Cronus, the Lord Father, through the brutal, forced… Read More
Cronus, warped by madness, has swallowed his own children to save himself from death at the hand of his son, yet a hidden child arrives, promising to see the deadly prophesy come to a horrifying fruition. The Izon, Bloodkin of the People, are gone from Atlantis, but as the birthrate… Read More
The Gods Of Atlantis Had Been Awakened They were to usher in a time of peace and plenty for the Izon - those who had raised the Gods from eons of slumber. Instead, the Clan found themselves enslaved and tormented, treated as filthy, stupid animals. Now they must fight their… Read More
The Izon Were Home After roaming the world for time untold, the Need would finally be fulfilled! The Izon would awaken the Ancestors, - The First People - the Gods who had created man in their own image. Haleah was the last Keeper, the genetic throwbacks that traced their linage… Read More
Their World Is About To End The last remnants of a once great society live in massive caverns far beneath the surface of their tortured world. For hundreds of years, they have been imprisoned by black rock and dirt, condemned to an artificial world maintained by their vast technology, never… Read More
A poem about the mythology of early relationships. Read More
The original tale of Medusa, Perseus and Andromeda has long held problematic themes. It paints the victim of many crimes, Medusa, as a villain while ignoring the vile acts of her murderer, Perseus. Long have some dreamed of a better version, one in which the famous gorgon is no longer… Read More

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just a story idea I've had for a while Read More
World mythology is full of enchanted items but what would happen if they fall into the wrong hands? Do you believe in the power of objects? Read More
The joy was tangible in the hut of the Sister and the Boy. Worriless as a child should be, the Boy wasn't really involved in the very process of weaving, sewing, molding and shaping the joy. But he saw it vividly: how the Sister was manually and wholeheartedly working on… Read More
Is it real? Is everything you know is real? can you swear on your own life that you know everything about your own self? Do you believe you own your life or it just a game you need to play to survive? If you find yourself one day responsible to… Read More

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