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lol idk i could upload fanfics too xD Naruto fanfic with my favorite characters and of course Minky! MAY CONTAIN NAUGHTY STUFF (Not sure really, i havent read it in a while xD Plan on reading it here at work :P Read More
Ella Frank's grandmother Loretta died. No one is exactly sure why--all people die eventually, right?--and to top it all off, Loretta has requested that Ella marries Ian Sparrow, the rich grandson of her best friend. As a disgruntled Ella tries to honor her grandmother's wish and get to know Ian,… Read More

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The battle against a man named Kawaki, sends Boruto, Himawari and Sarada back in time. Now, They find themselves in a world that is so familiar yet different to them and had become a part of a bigger conspiracy. Read More

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February 24, 2019

Found when browsing through YouTube comments Read More

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Naruto A Once Hyper Active Boy Now Can Only Think About Revenge And He Will Do Anything To Get It Read More

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lyrics i can see it we'll book it to the goal line still you and me we don't know we don't know enough about it we've gone passed it to the point of no return, no looking back we don't know we don't know enough about it … Read More

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June 30, 2017

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Sasuke ran away as a teen, he is back now, but he is leaking odd emotions for his old team mate Sakura, the struggle is.... well she lives in a house with a ton of people, and he hates people, and he keeps trying to draw himself to hate her...… Read More

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sanamaru is a 15 year old who is telling the reader (you guys) about her life. how her past affects when she arrives in konoha. though the hokage told to try and make some friends, sanamaru still attempts to hide away. when she meets shikamaru and choji, she is scared… Read More

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Living a normal life is the primary goal for anyone who doesn't like surprises. The unknown conjures a fear that not many are willing to embrace. In Genesis' case, he has no choice. As the clock ticks life away, he must come to accept that he is far from normal,… Read More
Naruto and his friends are seniors at Konoha high school and are going on a month long trip to see many wonderful cities in Ireland during their summer holiday. What could happen during a month in a foreign country? Romance will blossom for the students and havoc with reign for… Read More

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He isn't very interesting. Just another brat of the village who is being loud and getting on everyone's nerves. I'd like to say that at least. It'd make things so much easier for me if it were true..would make me feel less guilty than I do for having such impure… Read More
Zach, Ryan, Noah and Alan in the company of Denver, Shades, Mario, Wally and Jeremy face off Batman. Will the Dark Knight allow them to enter the city of Nootra or will they be unmasked as intruders? Read More
This chapter talks about four children who take a risky journey to space and are accidentally transported to a world where they meet Denver the Last Dinosaur and his friends. They later find out that they are in a city called Nootra. Denver and his friends then decide to help… Read More
So we all have those dreams in which the most amazing things happen. They stick with us forever. This was a dream I had one night. I was so sad that it was over that I decided to write it down and publish it. This is dedicated to my friend,… Read More
Darkness. Imprisonment. Despair. These things are all Bhairavi has ever known. The gift she was cursed with has caused her nothing but pain and suffering. She wants nothing more but to be free. Sasori is torn between doing what he knows is right and setting the caged bird free or… Read More
My first try at writing hope to get better with every part In part one we meet a young man called dante who suddenly dissapears to a planet where he meets a young girl called azumi. Growing in physical and mental strength they both need to figure out where they… Read More

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My first try at writing hope to get better with every part In part one we meet a young man called dante who suddenly dissapears to a planet where he meets a young girl called azumi. Growing in physical and mental strength they both need to figure out where they… Read More
This is a spoiler article for Naruto, Don't scroll down to prevent spoilers Read More
The first part in The Chronicles of Jivius, it has reference to both the series of stories that will go before it and the ones after, I hope you enjoy reading it, this version is just short of 8000 words Read More

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She never gave up her love for him, but has he? She must search for him to find out the answer. Since he left her behind those years ago, she must find an answer to those two words. "Thank-you." Read More
Meet two Uchiha boys, Hatake and Menma, as they train to become great ninja and discover the secrets of their father's death. Along the way, will they stop the dreaded Hitashi Mitarashi, who wants the Uchiha clan gone? New chapters every Monday and Thursday, Enjoy! Read More

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May 10, 2014

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Review for the anime Naruto (Not Shippuuden) Read More

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OC Mia needs help from the only people she knew she should not go to- the Akatsuki. Will the leader accept her? Read More
Tobi is not who he appears to be. OC Illyria finds this out the hard way. Read More
Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, has always been a safe haven, a place of happiness. But now, when you've gone and lost everything -- the man you secretly admired -- how could you move on? (Slight)ItachixReader? / (Slight)SasukexReader (reader insert). A.N.: I'm thinking about continuing this... If you would like… Read More

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Aurora hated Sasuke. Sasuke hated her. They both hated Sakura. He hated Naruto, she liked him. Her Best Friend was Shikamaru Nara. As far as the village knew, he didn't HAVE a best friend. But some things might change when they're teamed up, and Aurora is seperated from her best… Read More
Gakuren Akiyama, now an Earl in training, Returns to The Leaf village in order to protect the people & his friends from a rising war with the evil Fox spirit- Satsugai Kitsune who has reincarnated for thousands of years. As she nears the human world, he assembles his own army,… Read More
Some sick genius of a ninja casted an amazing jutsu on the Akatsuki members and the ninjas found themselves in a permanent genjutsu where they are living in the modern world as…HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!! Will they be able to escape the genjutsu? Will there be some Yaoi? Is Deidara a… Read More

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