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February 20, 2013

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There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki… Read More
This story is about a young genin in the world of Naruto. It is about her strugle to find where she belongs and succeed in life. Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever owned the manga or anime of Naruto. This is simply another fanfiction. Read More
This stoy is about two young boys, Light and Obito, they both have probles in and outside of their home. with all the expectations, arguing, and judgement will these two boys loose themselves and inbrace the road of evil or will they stay strong and continue the path of good?… Read More
Are Sasuke suffering from best friend syndrome? Or is it more? Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I simply minuplate the characters >:) Read More
An Old friend of the sand siblings come to the Hidden Village of the Sand. Read More
A visitor comes to the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Her past is known to only a select few. Could she be a friend or a foe? Read More
Team 7 has just form and in fact they just came back from the land of waves, where they fought zabuza. Lord hokage then throws in an unexpected person. Who is this person? How will team seven and the rest of the genins react? Read to find out Read More
It seems Itachi has grown attracted to Shizuki in the last few months that she joined the Akatsuki. What will happen between them? Shizuki x Itachi, some Shizuki x Aizen in later chapters. Naruto Shippuden and Bleach Cross-over. Rated because of: language, blood, explicit scenes ***I do not own Naruto… Read More
I do not own Naruto,Bleach,Death Note,or anyother anime I might mention in this story, however some charicters are mine. Read More

Tags: death, note, naruto, bleach

Ok so this is my first story,there will be others,eventually so keep checking everyday.for my first few stories ill be giving u a backgroud for my character i created but i will be introducing the real Naruto Characters too so just stay tuned! :D Read More
Hinata was always socially awkward. But she's decided that she would finally speak her mind. Read More

Tags: fiction, fan, naruto

All It Took Was A Wink And Sasuke Knew, He Had Already Lost. Read More

Tags: yaoi, naruto, sasuke

Gakuren Akiyama, now an Earl in training, Returns to The Leaf village in order to protect the people & his friends from a rising war with the evil Fox spirit- Satsugai Kitsune who has reincarnated for thousands of years. As she nears the human world, he assembles his own army,… Read More
WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG THEMES OF DEATH As a songfic, this short story uses lyrical content to depthen a storyline. To listen the song, you can go to LISTEN TO THE SONG BEFORE READING It depthens your understanding and makes for a better read. Thankyou ^.^ Read More
"My loving and kind brother- the one I ran to whenever something bad happened, the one who always made me laugh and loved with all my heart......was now the one person I hated the most." Gakuren Akiyama, sets out to the Leaf Village to train for the day he battles… Read More
This is what Tobi from Naruto Shippuden probably feels. Inspired by my little brother Juan Angel. :) Read More
Fanfiction crossover. Naruto/Inuyasha. Does not include Inuyasha characters, just the story setting and terminology. Pic is closest I can find to match him, only make the hair red and eyes gray. Read More
Usagi Uzumaki an young 16 year old discovers that she is in love with the ninja world's greatest enemy.. Tobi. Once Tobi unmasks himself and his true feelings, Usagi finds it extremely difficult to suppress her own feelings from him. Read More
Naruto and Sasuke find they're hidden love. There is a change in Gaara. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Another script but for Sasuke and Hinata Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a script of a roleplay me and my friend Nicole made. We are crazy people with wild imaginations, hope you like it. Read More
Frie is the words badest and goodest girl in the world... one day that all stanges Read More
Gakuren Oak, the prince of creatures called Griffins that live in a world called Extail. He arrives in the ninja world to find his child hood best friend san wolfe but fins out she was killed by Orochimaru. He then stays in the leaf village, training to be a normal… Read More
When Deidara gets a kiss from Sasori, he thinks he likes the puppet more than he should. But once he tries to act on his feelings, Tobi attempts to sway his emotions, and Sasori doesn't like the masked man bothering his brat. Read More
Based on the Naruto Shippuden anime. Kimaharra works for the Akatuski, but what enemies will she end up confronting? Find out! Read More
this belaongs to may freind tif and yes she likes naruto.I hope u enjoy.:D Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Gangeya Lost Everything... This is a mix type of novel. I have a plot but the world isn’t mine it belongs to Kashimoto (creator of naruto). I have a plot but Hattori isn’t mine its kunoichi sans All I can contribute to this story is... My imagination Read More
A big mistake was made for Naruto, but now, it will hit them back. Read More

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