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Gangeya Lost Everything... This is a mix type of novel. I have a plot but the world isn’t mine it belongs to Kashimoto (creator of naruto). I have a plot but Hattori isn’t mine its kunoichi sans All I can contribute to this story is... My imagination Read More
A big mistake was made for Naruto, but now, it will hit them back. Read More

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Naruto love story do I really need to say anymore? XD Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Keena Fujioka. A 15 year old. Stuck in an other world. Will she make it home? Or die trying? Read More
well this is my first time writing a novel so i dont have much of a description besides the point it was somewhat of a dream i had anyway tell me what you thin of it and if i should continue it. Read More
Kakashi took in an orphan girl a few years back, her name? Ayame Kawa. Now that she is Kakashi's legal daughter, her name is Ayame Kawa Hatake. A kind hearted girl who doesn't like to hurt anyone, no matter how bad they are. Follow her life as she leaves the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rated R in some places for some strong words. And some yummy pairings. Read More
a story of naruto and how his father ( yondaime ) accsidently gets sommened by kakashi to the future Read More

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This is biography for two main characters Kenta and Irene Read More
Hajime Miku. Itachi's secret lover. Read More

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Book / Humor

November 26, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

We all know that some like to write Naruto fanfictions that involve do I put it? Some irrational pairings. But what does the Naruto cast themselves have to say about that? Find out! Read More

Book / Romance

November 08, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

3 teenage girls, Kaji, Yuuki, and Emiku. Get stuck in the Naruto world and end up in the Akatsuki base. Madaraxoc, Sasorixoc, and Kakuzuxoc. disclaimer: I do not own any Naruto characters or Naruto settings. Read More
Jayfeather looks in Naruto's mind over and over to find out what his hinging from them gaara meets tigerheart at a gathering kakashi talks to firestar sakure learns the cats way of healing sai will learn how to fight like a cat... Dovepaw and Ivypaw be come warriors and lionblaze… Read More
smauri will have to choose between renvege on matsuri or gaara and her clan what will she choose?! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A plague. A burden on the world. What a way to be living life. Keres is a young prodigy, with a goal to make the world remember her. Losing her parents at a young age, something inside her changed. An unnatural need to kill, and the pain of an unnatural… Read More
When Team 7 (Naruto Shippuden) is on a mission to stop Kabuto and Madara from using a device that takes to another universe, they accidentally get sucked into the world of Resident Evil. Read More

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Tsukiko has no memories of her mother, but it never really bothered her. She made great friends, and her family is living just fine in the Leaf Village. Though what will happen to her life when the secret of her mother's death? She has to fight with findig her true… Read More
little fic i wrote a while back but never posted one here. it was just of those 3 am the idea hit me and i had to write it down things lol Naruto singing a lullaby to his baby girl. Sasu/Naru Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Such a cliché. A creep from the shadows, beating a beautiful girl with a drinking problem untill she could not even think about fighting back, just so that he could...well, 'do the deed'. And a superior and powerful anti-social hero just so happens to calmly come across this demented scene.… Read More
Natalya Hugh, a young teenage girl, who's home alone after her older brother and parent left for her aunts wedding soon wakes up to the unexpected. Title pretty much says it all. A Naruto Fanfic... Read More
The Kaminari clan has a reputation for being one of the most traditionally brutal of Lightning country. A once adventurous and welcoming people have developed strong internal ties that dictate that "Anyone born differently is a dishonor to our people, and should therefore be disposed of." Rei is the first-born… Read More
Just one of many im putting on here! MESSAGE ME REQUESTS! Read More

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This is a request made for khmaiwolf94 on! I hope you like it! XD Read More

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No one messes with my family! I attacked with my axion, driving it deep into his side. "So you're back, huh? Stupid brat! I should have killed you when I had the chance!" Zabuza snarled. "Can't kill what you can't catch!" I snarled back. Read More
These are what I think the characters look like. And you'll have to forgive me if the names aren't japenesse enough for you and forget anything about chan or sama, cuz I have no idea what they mean. Read More

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This is a poem I made for a Gaara sorta for Naruto. I hope you like it. Read More
Sasuke has been thinking a lot lately, mostly about a certain blonde and a brother. CHARACTER DEATH!! WARNING WARNING!!!! ANGST!!! Bad summary I know, I suck. Read More
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