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Chapter One~ My fanfiction is about a young girl by the name Kimiko, who lost encountering memory. She loses all control one night in a fight with orochimaru, blanking out, she forgot everything she had. Now she must restore her memory, her thoughts and the knowing of her powers before… Read More
Ok Hidan and I are in love in this but not at first. My friend Brittney and Sasori are in this. All akatsuki members are in this as well so please read. Read More

Tags: love, sweet, naruto, min

AU. GaaraXOCC. Vampire story. Yes, vampires. Read More
A forbidden friendship. An undeniable love. A hidden demon. And unforgotten wounds. Will he ever forgive her for leaving him? Will she ever forgive herself? .:GaaraXOC:. This takes place when Gaara's the Kazekage, but before he's taken by the Akatsuki. Rated for a reason, may have sexual content in later… Read More

Poem / Fan Fiction

June 02, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem for Kakashi, in his defense against smut-haters. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Well... It's a weird story but I just HAD to go with the idea. Amaya (sp changed from Amaye) and Naruto & co. ar pretty much stuckin a maximum security prison-like place. And they really wanna escape. But they encounter a lot of rough patches along the way.And our precious… Read More
^^ gade you decided to read one of my books go and register as a member of my website at chat watch videos and learn about my favorite site secondlife also you can upload videos and photos add friends meet people its like youtube and facebook together check it… Read More

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Kumiko was abandoned by her parents when she was still an infant. The Uchiha Clan took care of her, Itachi was closer to her than he is to Sasuke, everything was fine, until Itachi murdered the clan, Sasuke and Kumiko survived. Kumiko knew what Itachi's intentions were but Itachi didn't… Read More
The battle was over, there was rubble everywhere. The once great mountain was brought down on top of the three shinobi who fought with the intensity of gods. Sasuke and Naruto fought side by side. But when he is brought back to the leaf village he must face unfinished business… Read More

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Karra has been gone for years on an infiltration mission. But she's back. And her brother (Guy) and Kakashi have to help her to remember why the leaf village is home. Read More
Warning!: Crack pairing! There are some things that you just wish will never happen. What really blows is that those are the things that almost always DO happen. Rock Lee X Neji oneshot. Read More
Warning!: Crack pairing! Shino X Naruto oneshot. Somtimes Shino wonderd if his life could get any stranger.... Read More
Warning!: Crack pairing! Shikamaru X Shino oneshot. I want you with me...because standing in the rain alone is just too cold. Read More

Book / Thrillers

April 17, 2010

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X3 best idea ever!!!!!!!!!! Read More

Tags: twilight, naruto, suki

Set as if Sasuke never left. SasuNaru yaoi. Naruto write a letter to Santa every year only to be ignored every year. But what happens when someone other then Santa reads Naruto’s letter? Read More

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Song fic to white liar for Naruto Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

April 05, 2010

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kire lives in suna, grew up there. She feels a conection with gaara. She may even love him but will he love her back? Read More
Who I think Kei is! Written for Anonymous 23's Challenge. Giving it my best shot. Hope you like it Kei! Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

April 04, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Lana, is a white cat that lives on the streets. One day she hopps into a room, but not just anyroom. This room belongs to the leader of suna. Will the leader kill her, hurt her or help her? Read More
Just a small fic of Gaara on the roof top Read More
What if the person you have always loved was leaving, and didn't seem to care you were staying? Containing two characters from Naruto, it tells the tale of their goodbye. Read More

Tags: sakura, naruto, sasuke

A story from the point of view of someone who is sometimes overlooked. Containing a few characters from the world of Naruto, I created a short story. Read More

Tags: naruto, shinobi, kiba

"If you've read fan-fiction, you've most likely run into a Mary-Sue. You know, that really too perfect girl? Here are a few tips to avoid making that mistake in your own writing; and spot potential Mary-Sues in prospective reading material." -- Taken from my Quizilla account. Read More

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Sakura dies in battle. Two months later she comes back to watch out after Naruto. But Naruto wants to be with her and he'll do anything to be with her. Anything. Read More
Um well. Basically, the character profiles of my dear characters from Beauty From Pain. Some of them haven't been introduced... So yeah. Lol. You'll find that they're somewhat stupid. XD bare with me here lol Read More

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This is Akiko Hyuuga's profile, check it out!!! Read More
looks like they finaly noticed aqua is missing wonder what they will do lol enjoy :) Read More

Short Story / Humor

February 05, 2010

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please enjoy :)i know its not the best but just b pationt it gets better ;) Read More
hey hope u enjoy and yes this is a naruto story. Read More

Tags: meeting, naruto

Naruto,Sakura,Ino,Kiba,Hinata,Shikamaru,Neji,and Rock Lee. All gods and goddesses that live in the land called Ianassa. In Ianassa the gods and goddesses fight for domination and for power. Warning: Contains NejiSaku, KibaIno and NaruHina! Read More
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