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Five different lives. Five different connections to the Enchantress of Death. Ellie, thought to be dead at age nine, emerging from her homemade prison in a fiery blast of pure heat and power, come to find answers about who she is and what she is to become. De, who prayed… Read More
Grace Alden was born to be an orphan as soon as she turned to be an adult. Even though she still has her mother with her, it felt just the same - the horrible feelings she always felt when she was alone in the room. She couldn't stand it anymore… Read More

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Annabelle was a good student, she saved her money, and did good in the community. Nash was an improving student, he earned his money selling pineapples and spent it all on pot. They made one little error and now they have two little bundles. Will Nash stay with Annabelle? Will… Read More
I suck At Summarys So u gotta read it! I SUCK at writing :( Read More
I am a sort of fan-ish of star wars and after watching the movies again I wondered what happened after episode three so this is a story of a kid jedi surviving the massacre and finding himself partnered with a criminal escaping to meet a girl older than him that… Read More
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