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Gabe Hussey and Crypto-Zoologist return in his second, all-new, action-adventure with Agent Shirley De Marco. Gabe is hired to investigate the killing of a Paranormal TV show's host, live on camera by what looks like the spirit of a Native American mythological creature known as the Skinwalkers. Read More
Native Americans have always had a special relationship with fire. Since it first became part of their lives, the spirit of fire had maintained a unique standing in the world of Native Americans. It is a volatile relationship that has continued into the modern world. Read More

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A red moon on the arise as it brings a plague and death before starting a new birth. Native Americans and wolves asked the moon spirit for advice on what they should do. They travel to a far away land to ensure their survival. Read More
George and Gretjen face their own heartache as they journey to the New World to begin a better life, escaping haunting memories. The untamed wilderness offers less than a warm welcome, however, George cares for the natives and is determined to join them as one of their own. The tribe's… Read More
The past catches up with the present in Book One of the thrilling Kent/Lander series! While on a working vacation with his wife, Cyndi, the last thing that novelist Phil Kent expected to see along his morning jog was a body washed up on the shore. An ancient coin was… Read More
A little history on the life of a shaman in the northern paiute culture. Read More
This is a work in progress. Many chapters remain unfinished or unwritten. They will be added from time to time. Read More
Stalking Truth: God, Spirituality & Beyond! is a longitudinal, participant-observer, single subject, case study that follows the initiation, research and discovery of a modern day Native African American as he is guided by Ancestral Spirits through a series of exercises and disciplines that enables him to find the truth about… Read More

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15-year-old Billy wasn't looking for a fight, but the world desperately needed a hero! After the sudden suspicious death of their father in San Diego, fifteen-year-old Billy and his little sister Susie set out on a very unusual and exciting adventure with their mother. Headed for their grandfather's ranch in… Read More

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"After reading these first three chapters, I had to buy the book! This is one of the very best young adult adventure books I have ever read: exc..." Read More

A retelling of an old Native American folktale. Read More
The Swordweilder stands to defend the world from the Evil One, but who can she trust? Read More

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June 12, 2018

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The story is set nowadays, and follows a Native American who finds out there is the mind of a being from another world trapped inside his necklace, and that being possesses supernatural abilities. Read More
Got to many unfinished projects, but decided to try my hand at a Western. It is just meant to be an old fashioned Western with modern influences. Read More
Short creation myth based on Native American oral literature. Not outstanding or anything, but it was pretty fun to write up. Read More

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Bolivia, a sixteen year old wealthy girl living in 1865 america discovers feelings for her native american servant's seventeen year old recently orphaned son, jeremiah. Read More
Nobody knows what ancient spirits may assault you. Two simple and completely normal (or maybe not exaclty normal) teenagers are given a special and ominous gift. Read More
Native American man who is homeless shares his story. Read More
A novel written as a collection of short stories, Chronicles of Wabaquasset follows a small town in Connecticut with Native American undertones. It is about one man, the storyteller, who tells the stories of the town as he sits in front of the general store. The stories start in the… Read More
Poem about the Western Sioux losing the Black Hills. Read More
The story (podcast) of a woman named Mary Thornberg who runs a boarding house full of interesting people. Adapted for an audio podcast from the original story by the same author. Episode two in the series. Read More
She believes she has been taken captive. He believes it is his destiny to set her free and returns with her to his village, but despite the warnings of the elders that he has no right, he takes her to his teepee. She is convinced she will experience the worse… Read More
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