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What if history tells of the indigenous people of North American successfully preventing the advance of European settlers? They would not have been confined to Reservations or treated as second class citizens. This is a story of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the alternative events that follow. Read More

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"I really liked this it was simple and easy to read, most of all it felt organic. And it just flowed nicely" Read More

What you are about to read is a bunch of BULLSHIT - no pun intended. Please do not take it seriously, for to do so will spoil your fun. It is as full of holes as an episode of The Wild, Wild West. So take it with a grain of… Read More
I wrote this for a US History Research Paper assignment and thought you might like to read it. Thesis statement: Colonization of the Americas proved more detrimental to the Native Americans than it ever did beneficial. Read More
When a tribe of prehistoric men and women get a sign to move their homes, many things can go wrong. And when almost all of them do, it is up to Menewa, a simple hunter, to lead them to their own promise land Read More
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