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Mostly true story of the day I almost missed ship's movement in 1988. Read More

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This is not a test of your knowledge, but rather the chance to give some recognition to the most overlooked branch of the military. Read More
This is some fiction, some historical fact, and some wishful thinking, all rolled into a short story about how Teller, the Rain-Dreamer, got his start as a so-called Rain-Maker. (The previous story in this three part series was, "Thunder Valley Dreaming".) Read More
Smokey DaFino, is a carefree, yet very undisciplined sailor serving in the Post-Vietnam Navy, that could be a character straight out of a Charles Bukowski novel in Deck Ape: Memoirs Of The "High" Seas & Beyond. While waiting out his enlistment to end, he's enjoying a life of wine, women,… Read More
There’s something lurking far below the big blue unbeknownst to us and the only ones that can possibly save mankind are not known for being mans best friend. They are brave, they are cool, they are Cats In Submarines. Read More
A narcotic infused, darkly comedic, often profane, politically incorrect collection of 1970s post-Vietnam sea stories and scuttlebutt written by a self-destructive sailor. He is a damaged man, both physically and mentally. His wiring is fried from a combination of years of boozing, doping, and the stress of being on the… Read More
A small town weed dealer has to go on the run after he rips off and then assaults a local crime boss which then transpires into a series of wild events that could fit right in as a chapter in Naked Lunch in this short story. Read More

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September 24, 2018

A free-form poem for those who feel just a little bit lost. Read More
The Big Lebowski enters No Country For Old Men in this high octane, high adrenaline dark comedy “semi-true” thriller that centers on the adventures of a small town marijuana dealing slacker who in his never ending quest for cold beer, hot women, and a good buzz runs afoul of… Read More
Overview Screaming Batfish Blues by Scott L Anderson Burning hotter than a flaming shot of grain alcohol, Screaming Batfish Blues is a cannibas and booze fueled paranoid vision of military and governmental conspiracy told through the eyes of two marijuana dealing sailors serving in the post-Vietnam era… Read More
This is the original manuscript (SALT ON THE NUTS: THE ADVENTURES OF A WHITE TRASH SAILOR) for a book that was later re-titled and published as SNORTING THE DEVIL'S DANDRUFF before it was highly edited and cut down on page length. Here is the description for STTD from it's… Read More
Tunya Rae learned about the economic opportunities of the world’s oldest profession and picked up a mentor—Tangilique Veeona Grigsby, also known by her working monicker as “Marilyn Monroe,” took her under her arm. Tunya Rae was soon talking the talk, walking the walk, and negotiating the price of blowjobs,… Read More
The word navy formerly denoted fleets of both commercial and military nature. In modern usage "navy" used alone always denotes a military fleet. It is the branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare. Alec was a lieutenant colonel for the US Navy... Read More
A short notation of an emotional struggle that former, if not current, military service members go through as they become adjusted to civilian life, given that they return to their homeland(s), with their families and friends. Read More
Imagine if the attack on pearl harbor had failed Read More

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war. never was nice, never will be. as i risk my life on this duty i swore to fulfill, i find more to life than i ever expected, now of all times. i guess time will tell how it unfolds for me. Read More

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A short poem that is part of a series of "color poems" that i created in my free time. Hope you enjoy! Read More

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A poor boy living in California, in the 1950's, and the situation surrounding those days. Read More
With his own memoirs Captain Kenner takes us on an adventure spanning two world wars and a few scrapes in between Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young officer in the Navy of Napoleonic France leads an exploration into the unexplored centre of Australia. They embark on an adventure that will take them outside of the boundaries of time and space. Giant man eating creatures, lost civilizations, magic, time travel, fabulous treasure and mortal danger are… Read More
Some people say I am mean, well I have news for you, it's not me that's mean, its, well... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Earnest Seeker is bored teaching in a small-town high school in the US Midwest after living overseas. To get back into the wider world, he resorts to the rather radical act of joining the Navy. He quickly realizes that he is way too educated and knowledgeable for his rank as… Read More
On liberty in Guantanamo Bay Cuba I decide to take a stand for decency and I really should have thought that over! Read More

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Trying to warn shipmates of a scam was a great idea but one sailor would have been better off not hearing the warning! Read More
What the Persian Gulf was like before Desert Storm. Intense situations were everyday occurrences. Read More

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When a person falls overboard from a US Warship it's serious business. When the Captain of the vessel falls overboard it's serious scandal! Read More

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While serving on a the USS Morrison of the coast of Central America searching for drug smugglers the crew takes part in a very large cocaine bust. Read More

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Serving aboard the Royal Canadian Navy ship Iroquois, the following is a true account of my experiencing a hurricane out on the North Atlantic while rescuing 11 South Koreans from a listed freighter. Read More
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