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Wilhelm's life is crumbling around him. Born and raised in a prominent Nazi family, he swore to fight and die for the Fatherland. But Wilhelm has no idea what will happen now that the Allies have succeeded in capturing Berlin and ending WW2. While they might have ended the war,… Read More
In 1941, a Nazi prisoner of war escaped a prison train in Canada and made his way to freedom through Ogdensburg, New York. Read More
Follows a twin as she and her sister are experimented on by Josef Mengele( The Angel Of Death) during WW2. Read More
After World War 3 the new Nazi-German empire comes to power through a plan originating in the once powerful United States of America and Germany. As conflict and mass genocide continue outside of the walls of the "pure empire", the ruling Kaiser does so with an iron fist and… Read More

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September 17, 2017

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Taking an exclusive peek through the mind of a sadist as he engages in dialogue with some of his detractors. Try to pick out who each character is by reading the exchange that takes place below. Enjoy. Read More
WWII has been won by Nazi Germany, Hitler leads the whole world now. Medical advances has taken flight along with personal security. But there is a rebellion, along with a little bit of zombies created from failed experiments. Read More
This is a story of a little girl protected by a magical doll from the hands of evil Nazi regime Read More

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A single father travels from his small village south of Moscow to secure medicine for his dying son, but the trip takes an unexpected and tragic turn. Read More
baltischersoldat: hello! wyrian: hi baltischersoldat: how are you, my european brother? wyrian: doing quite well myself wyrian: wbu? baltischersoldat: very good, despite some trouble at school and getting expelled after this semester, stuff improving wyrian: aaah well hope you'll be able to go to school again soon baltischersoldat: well i… Read More

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A former Nazi hunter tells his story of finding an enclave of seemingly reformed Nazis high in the Andes Mountains. Read More
It's the year 3026 we have advanced in technology beyond our grasp well most of us have. Read More
Peter y sus colegas se enfrentan a un caso de secuestro, de lo que se sospecha es una pandilla neonazi. A la vez en que otra pandilla esta al acecho, pero en este caso, las cosas no son lo que parecen. Read More
The holocaust from a fictional jew. Read More

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"A Better Place" is a fictional story about a Nazi officer during WWII who learns through unexpected time travel experiences that it is not hatred and the elimination of those different from oneself that makes the world a better place, but rather, it is friendship and tolerance among all people… Read More
Ryan and Kristel put together a get rich quick scheme so they can get more ecstasy money, Jason becomes jealous of Kristel in the current state of Ryan’s affair and Brennan gets an anti-religious tattoo that gets him into trouble Read More
Rudolf Kuefer is a young German man whose family was struck harshly by the first world war and he is now in the center of the second, and that will change his life and his thoughts thorughly... Read More
A short fictional account of a British solider who awakens in a Nazi hospital tent, destined to slavery. Read More
Former Nazi guard, Oskar Groening, is now confessing to the murder of over 300,000 people of the Jewish community in a camp in Auschwitz. Read More
Sieg. The German word for victory. This is the story of the axis victory in WWII from the perspectives of the Allies and their enemies. Read More
During the second World war, Major Rommelfanger of the German millitary, has been given a promotion to take hold of the Belzec,Poland. Read More
A novel about how Axis won World War 2. A solitary young man and the Russian woman he loves join a revolution to liberate the world from tyranny. Read More
A story of a fight against impeccable odds. When Frank's transport aircraft crash lands on the morning of June 6th 1944, him and two other survivors fight against the Nazi war machine single handedly. Read More
The story is about a young Jewish boy trying to find his identity. He has been a son, and an orphan, a slave and a cast away. And in all the pain and torment he faced, he gained a friend, not expecting one who would turn out to become a… Read More
Hana is a well-known violinist in the heart of Vienna. After the Nazis gain control, her Jewish heritage, friendships, and reputation are tested. Fleeing, hiding and facing deportation, she loses almost everything. Alone and heartbroken, she encounters a Nazi Commandant she doesn't remember. Everything changes. Can love and hope overcome… Read More
1943 Nazi Germany, the remaining members of a concentration camp are transferred to the mysterious town of Sanctuary. When nightfall hits, something deep within the woods comes out of hiding. Darkness is the enemy. Stay in the light, and you stay alive, something people in the town of Sanctuary must… Read More
During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies). The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the… Read More
Romance, mystery, and betrayal.... Set during the life time of Rasputin (the mad monk of Russia), and spanning across Siberia and Europe Zigeuya Chovinhani is a sweeping tale of the Romany (gypsies), their magical ways and romantic customs. Rasputin, known for alcohol abuse, tantric sex and womanizing is on his… Read More
The year is 1969, a turbulent time in American history. Young people are hitch hiking along legendary Route 66, little do they know that a serial killer lurks on the highway, in search of female victims. Lilith, a fifteen-year-old runaway, gets swept up in the hippie movement and plans to… Read More
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