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An American cowboy had been through a tough day welcoming his guest ride along California beach and saw two people just came by that shore. His Smartphone rang and twisters gambled across the cheeks of an old senator’s sundial which happened to be his guest onshore. Dwindling by the wind… Read More
Cake and Jake died in a knife storm while going to visit their respective lovers. Fionna and Finn were broken, and went emo. Marshall Lee and Marceline had to move away, but first, they left their friends a gift each. And this gift brings the two worlds together, more than… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My name is female subject Y. My real name is Sunset, though it docent matter anyway. I was selected at birth for the subject program of operation Fracture, the first successful subject. I'd never expected my life to turn out this way but hey, who would? all I know now… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a short sad story about a man once known as Edward Nihilus. There are more to come. This story is not MA or R material I would have rated it PG12. Read More
Learn about the 6 rare species of 2012! Read More
Learn more about Empower Network... Visit for more information and to sign up. Contact us at Read More
First of all…. Are you addicted?!? Symptoms of Facebook Addiction - Do you check Facebook like the morning newspaper? - Do you spend hours on Facebook every day? - Do you check your profile multiple times a day - Do you feel distress or anxiety when you can’t get on… Read More
Many people take it as just another normal day, while others take it it as seriously as a religion. How do you take it? Read More
When you see the rise of a queen sometimes you have to look back and examine the path taken and the fruit that it bared. Read More
How would fate appear between a movie star and a delightful girl? I Think I Love You is a Romantic Comedy/Drama that gives a fresh air on your reading moments. Read how these two people who really hates each other helps each other to be happy. Suddenly, they didn't notice… Read More
CHILDRENS MIRACLE NETWORK NEEDS TO BE CONTINUED FOR SICK CHILDREN by your donations of money. It has helped many seriously sick children with medical care. Please support the many childrens hospitals that belong to the network. Read More
WE NEED AN ADULT MIRACLE NETWORK FOR SICK ADULTS in our lives today. The country has one for children already. It would help with expenses for the families to provide them with a medical help. The country needs to find a rganization to fund this for america and where america… Read More
An anecdote/reflection written shortly after I deactivated my Facebook account. Enjoy and please give your opinion: do you agree or disagree? Read More
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