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Qordel, Kiyana, and Zakonu have been close friends for many years, and it has been their strong bond that helped them become three of the most successful young vigilantes in the city. Their alter egos: Shadow Tamer, Tether, and Cheveyo, are feared by the criminal underworld and celebrated as champions… Read More
Going green has never been so deadly. This force of nature will ensure the innocents are protected. Humanity should be afraid. Read More
Why is this wild-being slaying humans? What is the endgame? You'll find their purpose is not nefarious. Read More
In my copyrighted NeoHuman (redacted: Neurosapien) Universe, someone has decided to fight for the innocents that are slaughtered everyday. Someone has decided that they will no longer stand by and be witness to senseless violence and cruelty against the most timid and undervalued beings of Earth. Someone has decided to… Read More
(Extended version) Better told in Neurosapiens. But this was the foundation, so, I guess it's worth a read. Read More

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A better version of this short story is in my novel Neurosapiens. Read More

Tags: neurosapiens

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