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A spiteful half child threatens to take over the world and enslave all of humanity. When one of the only people that can stop her learns of this, he eagerly takes up a contract from a young tree hugger who wants to bring as much peace as possible. Promising her… Read More
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Question: The question arises regarding reckoning the old-man dead to the sinful nature. Who reckons the old-man dead? Is it the old-man or the new-man that does so? Answer: The answer is neither. It appears as though it’s the NEUTRAL soul, specifically the soul’s neutral self-consciousness that makes the decision… Read More
Internalization does not require new-man function to internalize truth. Neither the “old-man” nor “new-man” are in view when internalizing the Word of God because neither are part of the decreed requirement for the internalizing process. It’s the neutral soul that processes the internalization of truth. Read More
Not every kind of destruction is evil; the destruction of evil is good. Not every type of creation is good; the creation of evil is bad. By echoing this childish approach I am trying to emphasize that the idea of destruction is as neutral as any other idea, although in… Read More
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