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This is just a short story I wrote months ago, relating to someone I know. She asked me kindly to write about a painful memory and let her read over it. Everyone has enjoyed it so much I wish to share with everyone else, with the girl's consent. Read More
Tori Winston had always had dreamt of a far away kingdom to try to escape from her reality. Every since her mom and dad divorced each other it had been ruff and when Tori witnessed the her mom's death in a suspicious car accident her life got even harder. Now… Read More
Amethyst Fields is sort of the pretty and trusted sidekick type of character and her best friend Reenee usually plays the outgoing heroin, but Amethyst life changed when she and Reenee arrived to the biggest party of the century, that's Cassandra Carvera's (their arch enemy) end of the year graduation/birthday… Read More
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