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The Age of Aquarius has been with us for quite some time and in this book you can find out more about it. Read More
In the course of several years chapter after chapter of this part of my jottings came into being. Whilst writing them I got an ever stronger feeling that the book of life was opening before me, to show me that there really is a great plan of life and how… Read More
Still in the works. Another piece about the journey inward, the law of attraction, and how your thoughts are powerful enough to shift and create your reality. Read More
Love requires an inward journey of self discovery. Read More
Chapter 1 of my Intuition Mission tells the story of a Shamanic Journey and how it led me to realizations about my current relationship. Read More
Wrote a story version to my poem, "Homebody", which can be found here: Read More
Sometimes life can pull you in unexpected directions. Carmen Mclean doesn't want to be saved. She is determined to stand on her own to feet. When a broken down car alters her plans she finds she has more time than she knows what to do with. Sawyer Stevenson is working… Read More
*This is meant to be satirical; a project for English Class, where we write about a Utopian or Dystopian future; enjoy...* *Note: I did copy and paste the beginning of At Dawn to this, albeit with a few choice edits...* Read More
Jurisprudence for a New Age by Anthony J. Fejfar involves a collection of essays and articles dealing with contemporary Jurisprudence. Read More

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A foreign mother is being forced by her Kuwaiti son to go propose to his secret girlfriends mother. Confused and desperate, the mother hasn't a clue about the Arabic cultural norms when it comes to marriage... Read More
The protagonist tries to de-clutter his life. But does this bring the satisfaction he is looking for? Read More
Jesus has been misinterpreted for two thousand years. The Master's 'hard' teachings were mystical. And, Eastern. Unable to comprehend his 'strange tongue', the past and the present day followers of Jesus have deeply misunderstood the import of his simple but sophisticated metaphysics. To "get" the Master, we must be well-versed… Read More
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