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The Age of Aquarius has been with us for quite some time and in this book you can find out more about it. Read More

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October 19, 2019

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A slow Sunday morning. Read More
What if good and evil being embattled was a stretching of the truth a bit? What if those who claimed to be god or gods knew that if they told the people of old the full truth that this age would have crashed into self thousands of years ago? What… Read More
Mary finds the disciples after Jesus' crucifixion, and is met with disrespect and even slight contempt. Just as Jesus told her, she would be rejected and so it was. Read More
Judas cannot bear the weight of his deed, before he takes his own life, he laments to his God over his predicament. Read More
Mary's time of bitterness and pain is upon her as she watches her Lord endure things unimaginable. Read More
His hour near, Jesus addresses the remaining eleven apostles. Read More
Judas' time to perform his task is upon him. Read More
Jesus and Mary share their last conversation before Jesus has to force his trials. Read More
Jesus, about to die soon, takes time to comfort and further instruct Judas one last time. Read More
Jesus, returning from his alone time, spends time and effort helping his students to understand the teachings. Read More
Jesus makes his last trek out to the wilderness to speak with God, and to worship. Read More
Even know his fate, Jesus takes time to help his beloved Mary and comfort her. Read More
Judas feels the weight of his destiny and pleads to have this weight removed from him. Read More
Jesus spends time teaching all of those who have followed him. Read More
Mary reflects on what she was told, and reconciles her role in the coming months. Read More
Jesus begins to tell Mary of her task and that she will be rejected by the men who followed Jesus after his departure. Read More
Judas cannot believe his destiny, he shocked, scared, and in fear of incurring the wrath of God for all time. Read More
Until now, Judas was able to deny what intuition has been telling him. However, the time is growing short, and Judas' destiny is revealed to him. Read More
Jesus makes time for solitude in the midst of the life he was living once more. Read More
Jesus, returning from his prayer session decides to speak with all of his disciples. Read More
Jesus departs from everyone to spend time in prayer. Read More
The day after the loaves brings new ideas, teachings, and friendships deepen. Read More
In this chapter, Mary, the beloved of Jesus, and one of two with a true heart has questions for Jesus based upon what he had just shared with his disciples regarding the unwillingness of the masses to embrace the deeper truths of life upon this earth. Read More
On the night of the day of the Loaves and Fishes, Jesus explains deeper truths and why most people will never understand them in the age in which he lived. Read More
Jesus begins to hold conversations with Mary. In them the exchange produces the fruits of knowledge. Read More
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