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Poem / Romance

September 12, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

A total stranger offers you a chance at a new life. Would you take it? Read More
An ex-prisoner works the land. Read More
Springtime! Enjoy y'all! Read More
In a land full of Magic, Saly and her family have lived in peace within their forest village for many years. However, after the shocking death of the queen of the kingdom, Saly's family was requested to become the new royal family in the queens will. Will Saly and… Read More
A short story about life, love, and the latter possibilities Read More
It’s a story of a girl from Russia, Sasha, who arrived in bcn, Spain, after a tragic car accident which caused the death of her parents, decided to change her whole world. Her new life starts now… Read More

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Poem / Other

August 24, 2016

Tags: new-life

Wanting to go through everything of life Read More

Tags: new-life

Mistakes are the only things left of us as humans, pick them wisely. Read More
There's a painting in my house which is described in the last paragraph. i decided to write a short story on the painting and this is what came out... Read More
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