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November 19, 2018

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The Review Chain House

"Yes; I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find their way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world" - Oscar Wilde Amira Frore is just finding her way by moonlight all the way to… Read More
The fractured lives of gay and lesbian twenty year old New Yorkers in modern, 21st century America, that consumes them in the art, and film world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Coming from a suburban, a shy Gina manages to come to New York and stumble upon a strange yet intriguing fellow who's crazy about art. A short story dedicated to the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Read More

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The Vintage Publishing House

Thank you, New York City; my hometown. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Falling in love is always scary and wonderful, but more so when only one of you is still alive Read More
If New York City was an animate being, what would it feel? Read More
A new life, one she made for herself. Or did she? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It’s just a typical evening in New York City...or isn’t? How well do you observe the details in the every-day craze? Do you think you know the people around you as well as you think you do? No - spoiler alert - there are no ghosts or vampires, but… Read More
When you're kid is grown and flown and you're alone who are you left with? This is the first posting in my series in discovering who I was left with (me), and all that's good when you feel so bad (alone) all around, if you just look. Read More
“It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.” – Norman Maclean Read More
While learning English in New York, a young foreign student, Kazuki wants to stay in the U.S. and learn at college. He tries to get some more advice from his friend who came here early. But the friend looks like reluctant to give Kazuki the advice. So, Kazuki tries to… Read More

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August 05, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Mature Audience is Advised Moonlit Terrace is an emotional and touching novel. It details how an extremely wealthy and powerful man succumbs to the everyday pressures in life, and unwillingly falls in love on the journey. Steffen Galeio, an Italian immigrant and entrepreneur of Galeio's Company Shipping Incorporation is invited… Read More
This is the story of 4 emancipated women in New York. And yes! This is about sex! But not only, as with women sex is always linked with relationships. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) are the lucky role models for millions… Read More
A postage stamp perspective of early middle American life in the inner city. A historical event that was only repeated twice in the same century, in the same city and in the infamous Five Points. Read More

Tags: death, gangs, new-york

This is a short story about a girl who takes life for granted. This takes place in 1977, New York City. I hope you like it, I probably have a lot of errors, since I have not revised yet. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In 1919 Manhattan, 22-year-old Elias Nitka runs a bar with one peculiar quality—every night, it attracts those lost in space and time. At the same time that Elias solves the mystery of his brother's sudden disappearance, the emergence of an 18th century Russian prince in the bar who doesn't leave… Read More
Leonard Richards, A well-known Bird Watcher & Researcher, was asked to find out the reason for the disappearance of an entire nesting colony of black-crowned night heron's from North Brother Island. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worst during his time on the island.. Read More
This book is an account of the things I can remember about my life. Emerald Anurikai is a name I chose during a psychotic episode that had me believing that I was being transformed into a music industry product. Read More
My experience in New York. Read More

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2 detectives are on their way back from a lunch in Manhattan. just as they are driving up the highway ramp that lines the river, a frightful surprise catches their eye, and thus the cat and mouse game of a guilty murderer on the lose, and the detectives begins. but… Read More
When Percy Jackson toppled Kronos with the help of his friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood on Mount Olympus, everybody thought he was gone for good. Not completely. One of Kronos's prized possessions from 1,000 years ago fell into the hands of a mortal family.It was eventually passed onto Miguel… Read More
This is a short blurb from a creative writing class Read More
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