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The Booksie Classic House

mayhem in manhatten. Read More
A quiet loner gets caught up in the police investigation of a man savagely beaten and left for dead on a tree lined street in Brooklyn. The prime suspect isn't holding anything back. He hides in plain sight almost daring the cops to uncover his dark secrets. Read More
A Brooklyn Irish Catholic family comes together for the head of the family's birthday. Under the same roof for the first time in years, they heal old wounds and share new experiences. They will come away from this maybe not better or closer but definitely different and changed forever. Read More
A novel of bohemian New Yorkers in the early 1970s. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Invisible String Saga tells the story of Jude Jaxton, and Noah Buckingham, two students who get the unique opportunity to attend one of the best Art Schools from New York City. An incredible ride begins as the two boys meet, and their worlds get turned upside down. (In this… Read More
New York, 1980 In the city that never sleeps, Bethany Gordon, a ten year old girl, discovers she is a witch. When she meets other people of her own kind, she struggles to get along with them. The new children's fantasy novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
Impossible Buildings Read More

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The Review Chain House

Strange insects are found in the caverns of NYC. No one knows where they come from. The robots are questioning their place in the world. An unlikely group of friends uncovers a dark secret and must free a little girl's father from prison in order to tell the world. A… Read More

Poem / Other

October 17, 2020

Book / Horror

September 11, 2020

In New York in the summer of 1984, a storm arrives causing murder and madness. When Carter Gregson, and others, attempt to survive, horror comes to the city that never sleeps. Read More
New York, 1952 In the city that never sleeps, a killer is on the loose. As Homicide Detective Lowell Price, and Detective Jenny Marrow, investigate, they attempt arrest him before more people die. Book One in a new crime thriller series. Read More

Book / Horror

September 06, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

During a blackout in New York, Mark Chambers, a writer, and others, feel the strain of the endless darkness, as violence cause mass panic in the city that never sleeps. Read More
When New York City's towering trio reached for the clouds (Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, 40 Wall Street) Read More
New York, 1980. A series of stories about New York in the 1980's. Read More
I wrote this poem about the New York Islands, which have been used as graveyards in the past and sadly again during the Covid19 pandemic. Read More
New York, 2040. In the near future, women who have lost their jobs due to powerful men, lash out at society, and inflict their revenge on them. And, as a result, they become assassins. Read More
Written for ReedsyPrompt #37: The Game is Afoot, Write a story about someone who keeps coming across the same stranger Read More
This is a story that is fictitious with something that is problematic between two people of paranoia and loss. Read More
New York, March 24, 2020. Because of the plague, a group of people in New York struggle to survive, as the city that never sleeps is shut down because of the illness that has swept America. When President Andrew Lowe is in a safe room, with his family, Don Kramer… Read More
Lower Manhattan, March 21, 2020. Because of the Corona virus, the city of New York is shut down. When Anderson Patton, a writer, hears about the impending virus on-line, he meets Rebecca Jordan, a restaurant chef, who is concerned that the city that never sleeps is won't be the same… Read More

Short Story / Romance

February 14, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

A short romance story set in New York. Read More
Watch as tragedy sparks a search for home for a brilliant young man in New Jersey. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story about Winter in the New Year. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short poem about New York. Read More
A story of Power and wealth, crime and cover ups. Where the concepts of the class system and collateral damage are challenged. Money puts friendships in jeopardy and loyalty to the test. Read More
The New York Sorority Society is about a group of Lower Manhattan teenagers who have adventures in life, love, and matters that concern them in the 21st century. As Edith, Jane, Candace, and Mary, deal with their family, and boyfriends at parties, their decisions have a lot of consequences as… Read More
New York, 2019. Edith Grey is a thirteen year old teenager from New York, who is the President of the Sorority Society, a group of girls who gossip about life, love, and boyfriends. The first novel in a new children's series. Read More
A new collection of romantic stories set in New York. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A collection of romantic stories set in New York. Read More
In the New York Library, Martin Carter, a well known writer of crime novels, is found dead near the globe of the World. As Detective Mark Franklin investigates, he can't make up his mind as to who the killer is. Read More
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