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The Magnificence of this world will fill you. Animals that can kill you. Beauty unmatched by all. You'll love it. Until you learn it will make you fall. Care to join us, Into Amtreehall? I swear you'll love this atmospheric book. It will immerse you into another world.Go with Orion… Read More
I am going to start writing first chapters of Idea's for novels I have, so people can check them out and tell me which they'd like to see more of in future. So if you happen to check any of these out, please let me know which you like! Read More
Story ideas for new novels I've been thinking about for a while. All of these stories I've thought of but never written since i was 14 except for "I've dreamt i could sing and dance" and "the story of my other life" these two i thought of within the last… Read More
The Adventures of Caleb and Annabelle is a story I wrote for my nephew and for my niece. It is based on the stories me and others have told them. I wrote it in February/March of 2007. It took me only three or four days to write it. The story… Read More

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