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Kitsune has been away from home for many years and as she come back she’s about to face the half missing piece of her life. What are you gonna do, when all the memories you have right now aren’t yours?..... and the one’s that truly yours is about to hunt… Read More
When the new kid, Ben, begins acting weird- as in odd but not freaky, Jack wants to know what is happening. But when his beloved girlfriend, Nicole, goes missing, finding the answers is all that matters. Read More

Book / Romance

February 08, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

After being rejected more than five times. Lizy gave up on searching for the right guy. (I'm working on a remake of this story) Read More
15 year old Hazel Kinsley is a self conscious World Champion Ice Skater, who designs cute outfits in her spare time. Weird right? No. Well she thinks so. Every since Hazel’s first crush turned boyfriend dumped her, because of her lack of a chest and her boring personality, for a… Read More
Seth Salvadore-Knight knew that his family wasn't exactly "normal," but he didn't think his life was really all that different from other seventeen-year-olds'. There were no unusual difficulties in his life, just the average problems all teenagers experienced. That was, until he and his family moved to the town of… Read More

Book / Romance

February 08, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Danielle was forced to go to California because of her boyfriend Tony, who was making her life horrible. Danielle attends a new school and meets tons of friends in less than 1 week. Will it actually get that far? Read More
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