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In a story that is ripped from today’s world headlines, Iran has developed the bomb and has finally launched a deadly attack on Israel and the Great Satan, the United States. Once the attack begins, it brings unexpected results when the missiles somehow go astray and destroy the Dome of… Read More
A world that is-----was--- perfect. Until Awendela Uri come. Daylight Fire is what her name means. And don't forget it. She is the key to everything- whether she knows it or not. Read More

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Think the world is gonna be safe by our finest? Think again. It's a whole new decade and things are about to get out of control Read More
Read an excerpt from the erotic occult novel by Roquel Rodgers in which Ben Franklin is initiated into the Order of St. Francis. Find out the real history behind the American History you thought you knew. Well-researched, entertaining, and shockingly sexy. An absolute must-read for all conspiracy buffs. Read More
Keep your mind to penetrate the underlying...dont be afraid to look.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The land is dying, and so are her people. Read More
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