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CUSTER! is a new musical based on facts surrounding the Battle of Little Bighorn and the legacy of General Custer and the Sioux Indians. Read More

Essay / Memoir

December 12, 2012

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An open mind can lead anywhere. A closed mind is a hurdle. Read More
Enclosed is a short story, titled "Redford and Newman: Last Call", (approx. 9000 words). The two great American actors meet on the night one year prior to Newman's death of lung cancer. They exchange barbs, sentimentality and wordless commentary over a final evening of cocktails and dinner, much as they… Read More

Book / Romance

December 10, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Forbidden Love is a romance story about Joshua Newman and Vanessa Moon, who fall in love. They both quickly become confused, as they used to despise each other. Read Forbidden Love and become entranced in a story of young, confusing, and heartbreaking love. Read More
The day Keeshawn Scott dumped me.It started when Gelesia Laury called me and Deidra newman(those two are my best friends.Then i guess i said i miss Keeshawn Scott because him and i are not suppose to date or see eachother.Im only thirteen and my parents are strict,im not suppose to… Read More
Lemon!!! IF you don't like, then don't read! Read More

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Travelling in train in India is no fun. Traveling in coach class in particular could be hazardous to health. In coach class, Juggernaut always ended up sitting next to the latrine. Every time a passenger opens the door to use the latrine, disgusting odor rushes out as if it was… Read More
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