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A young journalist and a veteran NYPD Detective dig into a possible wrongful conviction. They work together and uncover corruption and a conspiracy that reaches high and runs deep. They dive into the depths of the underbelly of New York and hope to come back up with the truth and… Read More
Ron Jeremy has been incarcerated for a year. He may not be most people's idea of the Boy Scout of the Year, but he certainly doesn't deserve to be screwed over. Currently, he has been indicted on more than 30 counts of sexual assault involving 21 women and girls across… Read More

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NewsTODAY Issue 18/21 - For your convenience view an excerpt of today's newspaper and find out what goes on around... you! And then buy the issue. Nobody likes a mooch. Read More

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The 'la-la, la, la!' defense Read More

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Its a link to a new website Read More

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News does not have to be real and depressing. The Alternative 2021 is a collection of ludicrous national, international, and local news pieces from 2021 that have not been published by any serious players in the business of writing about what has really happened. Owing to its complete lack of… Read More

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January 15, 2021

I think I can't control my self... now I am mangling one of my favorite songs growing up. Elton John's Grey Seal around late 72 early 73, Yellow Brick Road album. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

November 01, 2020

Every once and a while I drop in on headlines. Obcurities that pop up timearly to time that draw my attention. IMO headlines are a joke. They are written by mostly foreigners that don't understand American issues. Plus the yahoo experience is liberal and short sighted. So here… Read More

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he got what he deserved. stop feeling guilty. he killed my fiance. why am i feeling guilty. the old lady is on to me. guilt, more guilt. they know who i am. what's wrong with me. without her, who am i. found dead. the news headline. Read More

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Here, you can know all about my posting, dates and stories and there's more to come ! :) Read More

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BRUXELAS - OTAN : Turquia e Grécia concordam em desenvolver as conversas técnicas ... "Após conversas minhas com líderes turcos e os dois aliados gregos caíram concordaram em iniciar conversas técnicas na OTAN para criar mecanismos militares de prevenção de conflito em ... Read More

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Is the news really news? Is it the wisest investment of your precious time? Read More

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Crowds gathered, fists shook and placards waved, but did they know - or understand? Read More

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Corona virus tragedy and hope for survival Indeed, the Corona virus (Covid-19) is a sudden plague, which has become a thorn in many countries of the world. When the virus began to circulate in the State of China, many countries of the world thought it was far from contracting the… Read More

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I guess there are many ways to write about the recent outbreak. Corona has a similar name to mine, and we were all rooted in the same country. So this is one of my ways to say about her. Read More

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February 07, 2020

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Just take a minute to appreciate the full ramifications of this. Cover image: Read More

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Yet another pointless murder, but is it symptomatic of a very worrying trend. Read More

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After a cryptic news report, a family hide through fear of a potential invasion by extra terrestrial lifeforms. Read More

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I placed this little story under humor, dry as it may be. . Read More
This was a rejected piece I reworked into Snuff 2 I've got posted, this is more a look at how the concept of the snuff film has evolved in popular culture. Read More
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