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All the way from heaven sir issac newton is on Cosmicsids show. Interview with full of humour. Read More
In physics, whether we're talking about astro- or nuclear- physics, or any other kind of physics, there is the concept of "ether" [= "aether"] which has been around for hundreds of years, and just simply will not go away. If it exists, then ether, or aether, is supposed to… Read More
An essay about my personal experiences with racism. The use of African American as a designator of race and not point of origin. The fact that we are essentially all Africans, having all originated from Africa. How we should abandon African American as a designation of the race for… Read More
The first chapter of a novel project I hope to continue and eventually finish. Isaac, a semi-depressed sophomore, and his friends Kaiser, Frye and Quinn all get involved in a psychological experiment among themselves, involving the ability to control life and death with a simple wave of the hand. Read More
The following essay describes scientific thinking, analysis, and results from a non materialistic perspective. Read More

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March 12, 2007

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Imagine a world powered by Steam. These are the voyages of the United States Steamship Enterprise, her 5 year mission..... Read More
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