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Kara Dennings is notoriously hated by the entire population of Nexus due to being the daughter of Cornelius Dennings, the head scientist that caused the outbreak of a deadly virus that took many lives. Sick of being labelled as ‘The Crazy Denning’s girl’ after her father sent her to an… Read More
Lexicon Literary endeavor Alpha Beta Savoring Tastes made suiltable fruitlike Consistancy SugarCane Sweet for the Chosen Known few who adore the exploratory factor at Hand with Pen notations equating the Nexus of Skill Balance Scaled weight waiting for delivery Bill of Lading Stating Linguistically Logistically who, what when, where words… Read More
this is just a quick narrative i wrote as an introduction to a story I've been 'planning' for some time. By planning I mean romanticizing coupled with a diligent course of inaction. Anyway, there is more, not much... a couple thousand words perhaps, but we'll start with this so as… Read More
And this is actually called 'The Nexus' or 'The Lost Ones'... which do you prefer? this is Niam's story. he's an orphan in Italy. it's also Eggburt's story. And RC's and Beck's. Then there's also Cajri..... They all have something mysterious in common but they don't know it and they… Read More
Wrote this fight scene on a whim. Wanted to try out if I could keep with the reader while writing a brawl. Comment and let me know what you got it. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is not really a poem its just something i wrote when i found out this person passed away but, i am going to write a poem about this special person. Read More

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If you were a bladerunner, and I a nexus six... Read More
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