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An article about the Jimmy Garoppolo injury. Read More

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An article about Ordell Beckham Junior Read More

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An article about quarterback, Drew Brees Read More

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An article about the Tyrod Taylor trade Read More

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An article about the signing of quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. Read More

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An Article about a blockbuster trade in the NFL Read More

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Two losers enter a stadium song contest with a chance to compete during halftime of the Super Bowl. Read More
This article is about who is the greatest NFL running back of all time. It states the criteria for the list and contains a survey for others to rank their favorites. Read More

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Ray Lewis has done so much with his second chance at life, but so many people want to hang on to the past and see him for who he was and not see him for who he is now. Read More

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Once gender lines were clearly drawn, but now NFL players have more feminine traits than me. Read More
article on under and over achievers Read More
Thanks to the modern day steroids, sports have taken a huge hit on their popularity and integrity. Also, they have taught kids and others that taking steroids is ok. However, taking steroids is proven to do terrible things to both males and females. Ever since the 1940’s when they were… Read More
Written in July 2007, I tried to envision the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots playing each other in Super Bowl XLII. The Pats made it to Super Bowl XLII, but the Rams failed to make the playoffs. However, this short story of a football dream attempting to get… Read More
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